How do I Start a LLC in Qatar?

LLC in qatar

If you are wondering how to start a company in Qatar,
You must read further to get a glimpse of it.
Pillars of economic development in Qatar are quite strong that offers growth to different business ideas. People mostly use Limited Liability form of business structure to shape their business ideas of company formation in Qatar. LLC is the most popular business form as it offers several benefits to the owner. To start a business in Qatar with this structure one needs to have a Qatari partner and agreement with a partner brings lots business benefits such as tax emption, creditability , fame and several other things. To complete LLC process of company registration in Qatar, a Qatari partner is entitled with at least 51% of shares, which makes this company – a Qatari owned company. But this hardly means that foreign partner is entitled to share company’s profit in the same ratio, it totally depends on the agreement drafted between all the partners. Thus, it is recommended to get a clear picture of the deal by mentioning all the points in detail in Articles of Association.
Before starting a deal one must know properly how to start a business in Qatar with in LLC set-up. Here, few significant points are given that tells major requirements for starting a LLC in Qatar:

  1. Find right Qatari partner or sponsor to start a business, who shares the same business views, values and goals.
  2. Get business approval form ministry to start commercial activities and select a unique business name.
  3. Arrange share capital of minimum QAR 200,000 and open a bank account with that.
  4. Draft Articles of Association for the company mentioning all the agreement points in detail.
  5. Prepare all the required documents for making application of company registration in Qatar with Chamber of Commerce.
  6. As the company gets incorporation letter commercial activities can be started.

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