Setting up a Business in Qatar? Top Things to Consider

business in qatar

Economy of Qatar offers a favorable environment for company registration in Qatar to both expats and nationals. High economic growth has been registered in past few years, which is a plus for company formation in Qatar. In fact, Qatar government also offers considerable incentives to traders with the facility to enjoy full share of profit. There are several sectors under which Qatar government allows traders to enjoy 100% ownership with numerous tax exemptions which makes business commencement in Qatar quite lucrative. There are several things which should be decided before thinking how to start a company in Qatar. Some of the basic things are discussed below, that will help you in assessing how to business in Qatar:

  1. Market Response: Before starting any business in Qatar, one must get detailed information about market response for the same. Knowing well about the challenges and competitors will ease your way of drafting business strategies. Likewise, you can also understand Qatar business procedures and its impact on a particular business segment.
  2. Business Structure: After analyzing market response, business structure can be selected to get maximum benefit. Brand growth under a particular market with a particular business form will help in analysing further hurdles like tax payment, incorporation amount etc.
  3. Selection of Right Partner: In Qatar, a foreign citizen need to find a partner for starting up a company, under which Qatari citizen gets at least 51 % shareholding. This business rule makes it significant to find a correct partner, in which we can help you. We can help you in finding the best partner who shares the same business ambition and values.
  4. Business Incorporation and Related Formalities: Every business structure has its own incorporation laws. Knowing well about the registration process and related formalities will ease your way. Our experts can guide you with the suitable business information for Qatar and can help you at all the stages of business development by performing other services like document attestation, notarization, obtaining trade license, work visa etc.

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