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    Learn the best ways of starting a business in Bahrain, different types of business structures in Bahrain, and what is required to start a business in Bahrain.

    • We will help you register your company in Bahrain
    • We will help you look for and choose a suitable partner or sponsor from Bahrain
    • We will help you set-up your business and associated requirements
    • We will help you register for tax and licenses

    Find out how to register a company/business in Bahrain in very easy steps. Our comprehensive list of services is here to help you.

    The Kingdom of Bahrain is a group of Islands located in the Persian Gulf (southwestern coast) near Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ever since the discovery of oil in 1932, the main industry has been oil production, which made Bahrain a very wealthy country.  Bahrain is an ideal location for those with a strong business mindset, and for those looking for business opportunities to work in the oil and refining sectors.

    Apart from the oil and gas, the petrochemical industries are also blooming in the country, along with refining of aluminium, manufacturing and repairing ship etc. As far as the Political system in Bahrain is concerned, it is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional System lead by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

    Helpline Group is a government approved agency with ISO 9001-2008 certification

    The company has branches spread across the world. Established in 1998, Helpline Group’s Head Office is in Dubai to serve our special clients in Kuwait and the Middle East region. With a strong clientele base from India, Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East, we currently enjoy a strong presence in these countries, especially in Kuwait.

    In terms of finance and commerce, Bahrain holds a significant position among other Gulf Countries, which makes it an ideal choice for investors. Helpline Group will guide you through every step involved in setting up a business, investing in ventures, obtaining necessary and basic licenses and registration and dealing with the taxation laws and regulations in Bahrain.

    Company Formation Steps in Bahrain
    company formation in Bahrain

    Finding A Partner

    You need partnership and support from a Bahrain citizen to get the fundamental licenses to work in the country. Helpline Group can guide you and help you gain a Bahrain partner.

    Company Formation In Kuwait

    Business Set-Up

    Business set-up activities in Bahrain may change depending on the industry and type of company. Helpline Group can guide you and help you apply for business set-up.

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    License Registration

    You may need to apply for additional licenses to begin operations of your business in Bahrain. Helpline Group can guide you and help you get these licenses in Bahrain.

    As a comprehensive service and solution provider, Helpline Group is a one-stop destination for all your international business services in Oman and other Gulf countries. As Bahrain has a strong legal and regulatory system, you would need support from a knowledgeable partner in the country to establish and operate your business easily.

    Legal Structures of the Company

    Before, starting a business in Bahrain, one must know its legal working structure, which has several ways of business incorporation. One of the most common and prevalent ways is to start a “Limited Liability Company”. Except this, one can also go for other legal business structures, discussed further. Company formation in Bahrain by the foreign citizens can be done in the following types of legal business structure.

    • Limited Liability Company Formation
    • Branch Offices
    • Commercial Agencies
    • Representative Trade Offices
    • General Partnership Company
    • Limited Share Partnership Company
    • Holding Company
    • Joint Venture
    Other Factors You Should Consider for  Company formation in Bahrain

    Real Estate

    Real estate business is one of the fast-growing business sectors across the world. It requires a huge amount of financial investment, thus, real estate agents cannot think of starting a small business in Bahrain as it is having huge risks involved in it.  The Bahraini government is continuously working in this field to make it easy for the investors to deal in this sector. It has introduced several initiatives that have helped in the growth of overseas investment. Now foreigners can also own land but in government-selected areas, these areas are specially developed for the foreigners to make investments.

    Tax System

    Bahrain is one of the most favourable countries to work and do business in term of taxation. There are hardly any tax charges to be paid by business owners. The government of Bahrain does not charge any corporate tax, estate tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, capital gain tax, withholding tax or income tax. But there are few companies which are supposed to pay taxes to the government like, gas companies, petroleum companies, oil producing companies and refining companies. All the companies engaged in these businesses are entitled to pay taxes regardless of the place of business incorporation. Tax charged on these businesses is about 46% on the net profit gain in Bahrain.


    Visa System

    Helpline Group can provide different services related to getting a business visa in Bahrain. Foreign visitors are required to have visa except for the residents of GCC states. Getting a work visa might need sponsorship, that can become a hurdle in your way to success but our contacts with Bahraini locals will help you in the visa. Getting a business visa in any foreign country entirely depends on the structure of the company and its related documents. If all the necessary documents are ready according to Bahraini Visa system, then it hardly takes time. Helpline Group experts will help you in attaining your objectives smoothly.

    Importing System

    Foreign importers or local agents must provide a Customs Bills of Entry in order to import goods to Bahrain. It is mandatory to follow the import procedure, for this, foreign investors can hire a licensed and registered clearing agency. For example, in Bahrain, you may require the following documents for engaging in an import business.

    • Certificate of origin of products
    • Type of goods imported / hazardous / non-hazardous
    • Delivery order from the person shipping the goods
    • A duplicate copy of the supplier’s commercial invoice (both in English and Arabic)
    • Packing list
    • Bill of lading/Airway bill
    • Bank voucher or payment receipt

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