Death Certificate Attestation in Qatar


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The process of death certificate attestation is an attempt to get a death certificate authorized from an authority/ person/ governmental office/ department with a seal and signature of the authority. The attestation of the certificate is done to officially declare the death of an individual.

An attested death certificate is used to be presented as the proof of a person’s death in at various places like the bank, legal proceedings in the court of law. An attested death certificate is acknowledged legally.

Death certificate attestation in Qatar is applicable to all the documents that need to be presented in other countries. The attestation process involves getting the death certificate to be signed from the embassy of the country where the certificate is to be presented.


Documents Required For Death Certificate Attestation 


The death certificate attestation in Qatar requires a few original documents of the deceased to be attested from the concerned authority prior to the death certificate attestation in Qatar. The original documents to be attested may include degrees, power of attorney, or such documents.


Ideally, the death certificate attestation in Qatar process may take 12-13 working days. However, in case of emergency, the Helpline group of companies will get the work done on a priority basis because of us, customer satisfaction stands first.


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           Qatar attestation telephone number


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