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    How to start a Travel & Tourism agency in Qatar

    The growth of travel and tourism sector worldwide has influenced that of in Qatar too. Qatar with its wonderful coast, architectural monuments and stunning modern buildings makes it a perfect location for tourism. Many entrepreneurs are coming forward to run travel agencies in the country. For inbound and outbound tourism operations, providing visa support, accommodation, and transportation handling to be conducted, it is essential to obtain a Tourism Agency License in Qatar.

    If you are unable to understand the Rules and Regulations for starting a company we lend our hands to save you. Any loop in the overall process could lead to a denial of registration of your agency. When dealing with Tax system one must ensure that the tax card should be taken within a limited time frame. Since separate licenses are required for both Travel and Tourism where you have to obtain from civil aviation and tourism authority respectively the entire process seems to be a bit confusing for you. Only a well experienced consultant like Helpline group can assist you in completing the whole procedure with no error.

    Travel agency Registration in Qatar is a time consuming process where a certain amount has to be deposited for Civil Aviation. Right from the submission of a request for opening a Travel Agency to the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority to the renewal of the license annually, every step is a hectic task for a common man. To obtain Tourism Agency License you should get approval from Qatar Tourism authority initially.

    For the company registration you need to keep in mind the following:

    • Commercial registration (CR)
    • Tax registration
    • Municipal registration
    • Computer card
    • Labour department registration

    For any company that matters, Memorandum of article preparation is a vital part of registration. You need to get approval from concerned ministries clearing all documents and a bank guarantee also must be shown in order to complete the entire process of your company registration.

    You need to be careful in each step as a small spelling mistake in your name both in Arabic and English could cause you some trouble.  But you don’t have to worry as we are there to do anything and everything concerned with your company.

    For a detailed procedure of starting and obtaining a Travel & Tourism Agency License in Qatar please feel free to contact. With our years of experience and expertise in the field, we help you in completing all the complicated procedures on time and finally obtain the registration and license for your travel and tourism agency.

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