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The No Criminal Conviction from Hong Kong or  Police Clearance Certificate,  Hong Kong of is issued by the Commissioner of Police, Hong Kong to the applicant when it is required by a foreign embassy or foreign agency for various purposes such as visit visa, residence visa or adoption of a child.

The person applying for the certificate of No Criminal Conviction or Police clearance Hong Kong must provide a letter stating the reason for the procurement of the Certificate along with all other important documents validating his or her request.

Document Required for Hong Kong PCC

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. A photocopy of the Hong Kong Identity card or valid travel document
  3. Letter from the embassy indicating that the certificate is a mandatory document for the further processing of the emigration clearance.
  4. A full set of Fingerprints taken and certified by a recognized police or law enforcement agency, with all the details of the applicant as well as the official taking the fingerprints.
  5. Applicable Fees
  6. Passport size photos
  7. Copies of your valid passport

Procedure for criminal record check Hong Kong

A completed application form along with all the aforesaid documents must be submitted to the Commissioner of Police, Hong Kong.  The application shall not be further processed by the department of Hong Kong Police unless it follows all the necessary documents

Any document originally issued in languages other than Chinese or English shall be accompanied by an official transcript in Chinese or English.  And such documents must be endorsed by the issuing authority or a certified translation service body.  Helpline Group in Qatar is an internationally recognized service agent providing all your requirements.  Translators and specialized professionals in Helpline Group in Qatar will assist you to get your certificates translated and henceforth endorsed by the recognized agency.  Visit our Website and send us a message or give us a call, we will surely reach you to provide you the best services (criminal record check Hong Kong).

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