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    Company Formation / Company Registration in Qatar

    Helpline Group is an International Consultancy providing assistance in company formation, incorporation process and company registration in Qatar at the maximum pace. We provide end-to-end services in connection with company formation in Qatar.

    About Helpline Group

    Helpline group, a pioneer international consultancy, established in Dubai in 1998 provides a comprehensive solution to all the requirements of its clients from company formation, setting up small or large business ventures to company Registration in Qatar.  At Helpline Group, we provide end-to-end services in connection with company formation in Qatar.

    During these 25 years of excellent service, we have helped in the formation of over 2500 national and international companies across the world to start a business in Qatar.  Helpline Group is an ISO certified international agency with its branches across GCC and India extending our expertise to start business.

    We are a company built upon the trust of our clients.  The satisfaction of our clients is the inspiring force behind our acceleration.  Each requirement of our clients in setting up business and registering a company in Qatar is dealt with utmost personal care at Helpline Group Qatar.  We provide hassle free services in setting up a business, company formation and company registration at a minimum cost.

    The sound knowledge of local markets and massive data acquired through experience have made us the most sought after business advisor in Qatar. The business experts at Helpline will lead you to smart and efficient ways of setting up business in Qatar. Small business start-ups or corporate ventures, we provide a complete and comprehensive solution associated with setting up a company, company registration and company formation etc. in Qatar within a specified time frame.

    The Helpline Group, being a professional legal advisor and consultant with well-qualified and licensed in-house legal experts, provides legal advisory services, drafts and negotiates legal contracts, and assists in corporate decisions, ensuring compliance with corporate laws.

    Let it be a small or a large-scale business, we provide all kinds of assistance to start a business in Qatar, to register a company in Qatar and to obtain Commercial Registration in Qatar.

    About Qatar

    Qatar is one of the rapidly growing economies in the world with its high per capita income and largest gas supply. Its new liberalized fiscal policies are based on a clear vision with its windows wide open to foreign investors.  The state of Qatar has amended its policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development and exploitation of natural resources etc.

    A successful strategy for development, investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurance policies, and political and social stability are the contributing factors in creating an excellent industrial climate for setting up a business in Qatar. These factors act as stimuli to setting up a company in Qatar.  Here lies the right place and right opportunity to open a company in Qatar . It is considered as the best time to set up a business in Qatar.

    Finding a Qatari Partner

    In case you’re setting up an organization in Qatar you will require the support of a Qatari partner so as to get the fundamental licenses to work in the nation. Our broad system of Qatari business contacts implies we can place you in contact with the ideal individual to accomplice your organization.

    How to Setup a Business in Qatar?

    Qatar, being a booming economy in the world, welcomes foreign investors to set up companies in Qatar. The driving force behind every businessman is to cherish his dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Sound knowledge about the local business setup in Qatar and the latest economical laws of the country is a must to run a successful company anywhere.

    People looking for commercial registration in Qatar should be aware of the structural options or categories of business in Qatar: a sole establishment, a sole proprietorship company and a limited liability company (LLC Qatar). The Limited Liability Company is the most common option in which the entity must have one or more Qatari national partner whose share in the company capital must not be less than 51%.

    Helpline Group provides our assistance in the formation of Limited Liability Company Qatar , company in Qatar free Zone and a Branch of foreign company, etc. Our broad system of Qatari business and contact can place you in touch with the perfect accomplice for your organization.

    If you are an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to start a business in Qatar, we assure our assistance in getting approvals from various government departments and municipality by following the specific requirements of the type of company you would like to launch in Qatar.

    About Legal Structures of the Company.

    Company Formation procedures is one of the most in demand services in Qatar thanks to the rapid development and industrialization. The process of commercial company registration is quite complex and requires the help of an expert guidance. At this stage, Helpline Group remains the top choice for the clients to get their legal documents processed for foreign company formation. The Company registration process refers to the legal registration with the Trade and Commerce Department. The registration process is different depending upon the type of business entity. Some of the common business entities are:

    • Limited Liability Company (WLL)
    • Public Shareholding Company
    • General Partnership Company
    • Limited Share Company
    • Joint Venture
    • QFC Company Registration
    • FreeZone Company Registration


    How to Register a Company in Qatar

    Helpline Group provides a systematic method for the clients and helps to overcome their problems related to documentation. It helps foreign companies in setting up their businesses in Qatar and helps them with their documentation process. The efficient and dedicated services at Helpline Group have made it one of the preferred agencies for entrepreneurs in opening business in Qatar.

    Limited Liability Company Formation in Qatar

    LLC Qatar (Limited Liability Company in Qatar) is the most commonly opted business entity in Qatar. It is a joint venture in which one or more Qatari persons or 100 percent Qatari-owned entities hold no less than 51% of the share capital. Such companies are allowed to operate in all sectors of the economy excluding commercial agencies and real estate.

    The Foreign Investment Law contains provisions that, subject to an exemption from the Minister of Business & Trade, a branch of a foreign company can be registered in Qatar if that foreign company has a contract in Qatar performing a specific project that “facilitates the performance of a public service or utility”.

    Companies enjoying such exemptions are not allowed to conduct any type of commercial activities that is not related to the specific contract for which it is registered. Foreign Companies registered under the category will be incorporated same like W.L.L and L.L.C, but the brand equity and ownership will remain with parent company. And the Branch office will be fully taxable unless it is granted a special exemption.

    Commercial Agencies

    This is yet another method of registering a company in Qatar in which an agent acts as the exclusive provider of services of the foreign principal or the exclusive seller of foreign produced goods in Qatar.

    Representative Trade Offices

    The Decision of the Ministry of Business and Trade No 142/2006 provides that foreign firms may open a representational office without a local partner. Though the representational office may obtain the Commercial Registration and employ staff in its own name, it only can operate as a ‘shop window’ to promote a foreign company in Qatar and introduce its products to Qatari companies.

    General Partnership Company

    This is one of the most basic forms of commercial agreements between two or more individuals for the purpose of commercial activities or setting up a company in Qatar.

    Limited Share Partnership Company

    The Limited Share Partnership Company may have at least one or more joint partners and at least four trustee shareholding partner. In this method of Company Registration or Company Formation in Qatar, the minimum share capital of the company is QR.1, 000,000.

    Holding Company

    A shareholding company or limited liability company is a company that has the financial and management control on other companies by owning at least 51% of that company. The minimum requirement to setup such companies in Qatar is QR.10 million.

    Public Shareholding Company

    The law recognizes different variants of the public shareholding company which is also known as a joint stock company or Qatari shareholding company including: 1- Public shareholding company-open. 2- Private or closed public shareholding company.

    Joint Venture

    The joint venture is a type of company setup comprised of two or more persons designed to carry out a project in Qatar. As per the law, it is an unincorporated entity without legal personality.

    Real Estate

    To undertake the business of property brokerage in Qatar, it is mandatory to acquire a special license from the Ministry of Business and Trade. Companies must list real estate brokerage as one of their activities.

    Taxation of companies registered in Qatar

    Law no. 11 and 9 of 1993 and 1989 respectively state that companies owned by foreign nationals must pay tax on their activities in Qatar. Companies owned by Qataris or GCC nationals need not pay tax, whereas foreign partners must pay tax of their share in the business.

    Tax declarations have to be submitted within four months of the end of the financial year. Companies with profits exceeding QR.100, 000 have to submit audited financial statements certified by an accountant registered in Qatar to support their declaration. Tax rates in Qatar vary from 10% to 35% as per the profit made by the companies.

    We are one of the Expert consultants to get licenses for the following:-
    • Industrial License
    • Auditing Company License
    • School and Institute License
    • Travel and Tourism Agency License
    • Shipping Agency License
    • Engineering Consultancy License
    • Tourism Company License
    • Trading Companies
    • Contracting Companies License
    • Clinic License
    • Restaurant License
    • Clearing and forwarding license.
    • Trade mark registration
    • Product registration
    • Classification certificate
    • Import Code
    • QFC Company Registration

    Are you thinking of company formation in Qatar? If so, you might need some help with company formation in Qatar. Read on to know all about including the documents required, the procedures involved, and the benefits of choosing a professional company formation service provider like Helpline Group.

    How Long Does It Take to Start Company Formation in Qatar

    The time it takes to start company formation in Qatar vary as per the type and nature of your business and the service you need. However, some of the common steps that you need to follow are:

    • Choose a trade name and reserve it with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    • Obtain an initial approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    • Draft and sign the articles of association
    • Deposit the capital in a bank account
    • Register with the Commercial Registry and obtain a trade license
    • Register with the Tax Department and obtain a tax card
    • Register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Register with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and obtain a labor card
    • Register with the Ministry of Public Health and obtain a health card

    Generally speaking, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to start company formation in Qatar. However, some services may take longer than others depending on the above steps.

    Why Choose Helpline Group?

    If you are looking for the best company formation service provider in Qatar, look no further than Helpline Group. We are a leading company formation service provider in Qatar that offers a wide range of company formation services for all types of businesses. Whether you want to form an LLC, a branch office, a representative office, or any other type of company in Qatar, we can handle it for you with ease and efficiency.

    • We have years of experience and expertise in providing company formation services in Qatar
    • We have a team of qualified and professional staff who are well-versed with the rules and regulations of the government authorities
    • We have a network of contacts and connections with the relevant government departments and agencies
    • We offer fast, reliable, and hassle-free service at competitive prices
    • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and confidentiality

    Contact us today to get a free quote for our company formation services in Qatar. We are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 to serve you anytime, anywhere. Call us at +974 4427 1100 or What’s App us at +974 7065 8000.

    Experience the uniqueness and the personalized service and professional approach in all services related to Business Start-ups, Company Formation or Company Registration or Business Setup in Qatar at Helpline Group.

    If you have any question in your mind on how to start a small, medium or large business setup in Qatar? Then, feel free to contact us.

    Experience the uniqueness and the personalized service and professional approach in all services related to Business Start-ups, Company Formation or Company Registration or Business Setup in Qatar at Helpline Group.

    If you have any question in your mind on how to start a small, medium or large business setup in Qatar? Then, feel free to contact us.

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