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    If you are planning to study abroad, Credential Evaluation is a crucial service that you may need. Helpline Group offers this service to aspiring students from across the globe.  We have designed the services to be suitable for the norms in developed economies like USA and Canada. So, get your Transcription Evaluation with a great deal of convenience, by working with the Helpline Group.

    • Get expert advice about the procedures
    • Timely delivery of evaluated academic certificates assured
    • Our experienced professionals at various international locations would assist you with the process

    Helpline Group offers Credential Evaluation Services in an internationally integrated manner, working with various reputed universities across the globe. You can carry out your other important tasks related to studies and immigration for higher studies; while our professionals would get your credentials evaluated from the respective universities as soon as possible.

    Importance of Authenticating your Academic Credentials:

    Immigrating to USA or Canada for higher studies is a critical, life-changing decision for your bright career. It is important to note that you would be applying for the PG or Doctorate programs or any other professional courses based on the basic qualification in your home country. It is very important to authenticate your educational degrees to be at par with the eligibility criteria in the overseas universities you would be planning to study further.

    Our Transcript Evaluation Services are executed through the talented and experienced staff and Business Associates that are well aware regarding the procedures of the universities. Again, we assure complete safety of your educational credentials when you choose us as your authentication partners for the Credential Evaluation process.

    Helpline Group serves as your trustworthy partner for evaluating your credentials from various universities in the USA, Canada, and many other countries. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to work with us, instead of handing over your credentials to an unknown person. Helpline Group assures timely completion of the Credential Evaluation process; securely handling your important educational and personal documents.

    Trust Helpline Group for professionalism and timely delivery:

    Let the experienced professionals of Helpline Group handle your documents for Credential Evaluation and rest assured about the timely completion of the procedure and the safety of your credentials. Through our impressive presence across the globe, through several offices and business associates in various locations, it is practically easy for the Helpline Group to complete the Transcript Evaluation procedures in n minimal possible duration. We have gained the reputation as the leading agency for Credential Evaluation in Qatar, through our extensive experience of more than 20 years today.

    We have worked with enormous aspiring international students, parents and jobseekers to authenticate their documents. In this way, Helpline Group is providing wings to the dreams of thousands of enthusiasts. We offer Document Attestation Services, Document Apostille Services apart from Transcript Evaluation Services through our significant presence in USA, Canada, and many other international locations.

    We offer Credential Evaluation well in time, as over the years, we have developed an inclusive system of handling your credentials safely. Our system is designed to cater to various needs related to the validation of your important academic certificates and documents. Keeping customer satisfaction as our motto, we are working closely with our clients and assisting them to get their educational credentials evaluated from internationally acclaimed universities. We follow all the rules and regulations for Credential Evaluation and ensure that the competencies for your educational achievements are met. Through our strong global presence, we help the students for Transcript Evaluation from the universities in various parts of the world including the Middle East Region, India, Australia, Europe, USA and Canada.

    Essential Documents for Credential Evaluation:

    The educational credentials of the students applying for higher education abroad strictly require attestation from an authority from the concerned university or institution. The regulations for authentication may vary from country to country. Importantly, the attestation from associated professors, college affiliates or even public notaries is not considered valid for Transcript Evaluation purposes.

    • A copy of your educational degree is required for Credential Evaluation. You need not send the original Degree Certificate.
    • The colleges or institutions issuing your Mark Sheets need to bear an autonomous status or need to be considered as constituent colleges. Without this, the mark sheets may not be considered as valid.
    Transcript Evaluation Procedure:

    You need to submit your transcripts along with the applicable fees. Then our professionals represent you in the concerned universities to apply for Transcript Evaluation and get these transcripts validated.

    The concerned universities verify these credentials and after attestation, they hand the documents over to the authorities for further procedure. If the universities don’t arrange to send your credentials; our professionals do it for you.

    Different universities may adapt different policies and procedures for validation of your transcripts. Generally, it takes 15 to 40 days to complete the validation process from the universities.

    Helpline Group is an international organization endorsing documentation assessments for candidates aspiring to study or work in Canada and USA.  We provide distinguished services related to Certificate Verification, Endorsement, and Attestation etc… from across GCC, UK, USA, Austria and Canada assist national and international students, immigrants or job seekers to fulfill their educational and professional goals.

    The 20 years of long standing service of Helpline Group have set a standard in the field, providing credential, plausible services and ongoing support to international students and professional immigrants.  We assist them to get the University Verification for the World Education Services (WES) from different Universities of India, GCC, USA, UK, Australia etc.

    Let the Helpline Group know your difficulties and resolve them to take your goals further:

    We offer Credential Evaluation Services for the students from various countries including Qatar. If you have any difficulty or need to get additional information about your services, please feel free to leave a message on your left.

    You can also get in touch with our Customer Support team using the following numbers through a phone call or on WhatsApp as well. Our executives would contact you seen to understand your queries and requirements; and to let you know what best we can do for you.

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