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    Learn the best ways of starting a business in Canada, different types of business structures in Canada, and what is required to start a business in Canada.

    • We will help you register your company in Canada
    • We will help you find a suitable partner in Canada
    • We will help you set-up your business and associated requirements
    • We will help you register for tax and licenses

    Find out how to register a company/business in Canada in very easy steps. Our comprehensive list of services is here to help you.

    Are you looking forward to establishing your business in Canada? Willing to get additional support in documentation work for Company formation in Canada? We the Helpline Group – “the Best Mate for your Journey”, are there to provide you full support in all type of document attestation or paperwork related to company formation in Canada. We came into existence in 1998, since then we have been continuously working and growing our talent base to strengthen our relationship with our clients. Working with us will be the best option for your business start-up process in Canada. We will not only hold your hand for setting up your company but we will actually deal with all the legal formalities for company registration in Canada. We can help you in finding the right partner for business work, opening a bank account, municipal work, licensing, other document arrangement and their renewals. You will find our helping hands at all your business formation level. 

    Our experts always work within the legal boundaries to accomplish the work on time and to make it fruitful for the client. We have hired native experts in Canada to deal with the regional government bureaucracy and documentation work.

    Till now, we have worked with more than 2000 companies and individuals willing to get support in document attestation work or visa work or other business related documentation work. Our service list covers almost all the major documentation work required for the company set up in Canada including company formation, company registration, Apostille, document attestation, document translation, transcription, authentication and other similar kinds of facilities.

    Helpline Group’s consultants in Canada will assist you at all the levels of business formation in Canada to provide a complete solution to your business needs. As an expert in handling paperwork at international level, we know it better what are the essential documents required to fulfil business needs, how to properly use those documents to get a full advantage to fulfil strategic business needs and finally to tell you where actually the documentation work is required to meet the legal standards.

    Helpline Group is a throbbed platform full with energy to deal with all the legal challenges faced in a company set up in Canada. We will take over all your documentation work from scratch; will prepare all your required documents and make them ready (translation, attestation, etc.) to meet legal standards. If your documents are in a different language then do not worry, we have a solution for that also, our native linguistic experts are capable enough to translate documents in English from all major language like Arabic, French, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Urdu, etc.

    By working with us, you will get to know how smoothly we process all your business needs to fulfil your dream. It can be said, you will get your entire problem’s solution under one roof. Helpline Group is the most reliable agency working at national and international level; we maintain a high level of confidentiality while handling our client’s file containing personal and professional data. Our top – class hassle free services can be availed at a reasonable price with a facility of “free collection and delivery” of your documents from your doorstep.

    About Canada

    Canada – the second biggest nation and has the 10th largest economy in the world with highly developed economies. It has three territories and ten provinces which cover the region from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and also covers the northward Arctic Ocean, which makes it the 2nd biggest country covering the land area. Its official languages are English and French and you need Canadian dollars to operate in this market. Canada is sparingly populated as the majority of land is enclosed with forest and tundra.

    It is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world encompassing multicultural nationals from a different region of the world; this is due to the high rate of immigration. Canada’s business life is highly influenced by the multicultural environment that has resulted in favourable regulations for registration process of offshore companies and taxation policies for these companies. 

    The Canadian economy has a remarkable impact of the United States on its living standards, culture, economic system and production pattern due to the long existing complex relationship.

    Canada has vast natural resources through which it trades in the international market, apart from this it has gigantic offshore reserves of natural gas and oil fields. It is the largest agricultural products supplier in the world. It majorly deals in agricultural products, metals, oil and gas. Its diversified product list provides a wide opportunity for foreign investment, thus, a foreigner has a number of option for a company set up in Canada. Apart from this wide list of work option, government policies regarding foreign investment and fiscal laws are also very smooth and welcoming.

    Canada’s strong instructional foundations and economic rules of an open-market system are remarkable. Helpline Group’s executives can help you in sorting all the matter regarding company formation in Canada. We know how to start a company in Canada to remain in a profitable situation and how to settle the legal formalities to set up a company in Canada. We can offer our full range of services to you at one call if you are looking forward to starting a business in Canada.

    Finding a Partner in Canada

    Canadian corporate laws are not so easy to be understood especially for those who are new in this market. Corporate laws are not easy to be understood by everyone, it needs the expertise of years to understand well about the regional corporate laws. We have been working at the national and international level since the past 20 years; we have accurate information about the legal formalities to be completed to find a partner in Canada. Helpline Group can work on behalf of you and find an appropriate partner for your business, who shares the same business values, aims and have some business sense. Our executives in Canada work continuously to collect information regarding business opportunities in Canada or regional people looking forward to conducting business with foreign investors. We constantly update our database with the changes made in the business world to provide you with the best information available with us about the business world.

    Legal Structures of the Company in Canada

    If you are looking forward to starting a business in Canada, you must decide about the company’s legal business structure. Legal business structure means the form of business through which the company will operate in the market. Selecting a legal business structure for the company is the first and foremost decision to be made by the investor. Structure of the company is the base, on which business rules like company registration, taxation formalities, and another factor depends. There are several ways for starting a business in Canada among which the most famous form is “Limited Liability Partnership”, as this business form is not a taxable entity. Thus, you are not supposed to pay tax under this business form. Except for this business form, there are several business structures which can be selected as a business structure by the investor in Canada, like-

    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership Firm
    • General Partnership Firm
    • Limited Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Branch Office
    • Corporation
    • Joint Venture
    • Cooperatives
    Other Factors You Should Consider for Canada Business Formation

    Tax System

    Understanding the Canadian tax system is quite a complex process, which needs detail legal information and understanding of legal concepts. Helpline group have efficient consultants who can deal with the legal formalities and can help you with all the paperwork. We know how to start a company in Canada to exempt corporate tax or minimise corporate tax. Canada has a different tax system for every type of business structure; in some business, structure owners are provided with some exemptions but not so in other business structure. Taxation amount is basically affected by the nature of the business, incorporation of the business, provincial or territorial law, the origin of the contract, etc. In Canada, 38% Canadian Corporation tax is charged under section 123 on the taxable income of every Canadian resident or non- resident or on the taxable amount earned in the region.

    Visa System

    Company set up in Canada requires permission from the government authority to visit the location first, for which the applicant needs a visit or business visa. With a simple business tourist visa, you can go abroad to have an understanding of the location, business requirement, to conduct meetings, to attend a business conference, etc. After getting a green single to start your business in Canada, you can move further. We the Helpline Group, have sufficient knowledge to tell you about the selection of business and starting a business in Canada for getting full advantage of running it.

    Importing System

    As a part of a business, one can require to import goods from other countries. But before moving further one must know the import regulation in detail, as every country has different laws for different nature of products. And in Canada, every province has its own law to govern the business activity, thus, you must take help of experts like us, who have knowledge and expertise in dealing with paperwork. There are few basic things related to Canadian import system, these are discussed below-

    • Import-export account of the importer should be registered
    • A legal permit from the government to deal in import and export
    • Accomplishing formalities related duties and tariff laws and duly making payment.
    • Meeting legal requirement established either at federal or provincial or territorial level in Canada
    • Complying with import-export laws of other countries with which deal is made.

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