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    Canada Visa for Entrepreneur, Startup Business and Innovator Visa from Qatar

    Canada attracts immigrants from all over the globe. Canada is one of the fast-growing and diverse economies. Various sectors are booming due to the entrepreneur-friendly regulations in the country. If you are planning to expand your existing business, or launch a new venture in Canada; you have landed at the right place for expert advice and assistance. Helpline Group also arranges for your Work Permit if you have an employment opportunity in Canada.

    Business Immigration Service with excellence:

    Helpline Group renders Canada Business Immigration Services to the aspiring entrepreneurs that wish to immigrate to Canada, as an entrepreneur or investor. We have more than twenty years of experience in assisting individual clients that wish to migrate to Canada for business. We help you to choose the right program as per your profile and assist in every procedure to ensure your timely immigration to Canada.

    Popular programs for Business Immigration to Canada:

    Canada welcomes entrepreneurs, business managers and investors to set-up their businesses in diversified sectors. Canada offers numerous business opportunities. Your in-depth business know-how and experience plays a significant role for your immigration.

    Federal Business Immigration Programs:

    These immigration programs are ideal for the self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs interested to start or grow their business in Canada or individuals interested to invest in Canada. Helpline Group assists you in choosing the appropriate program and apply for Canada Entrepreneur Visa.

    Quebec Business Immigration Programs:

    Quebec welcomes the investors, entrepreneurs and business immigrants through a variety of Business Immigration Programs, for strengthening economy and generating employment opportunities.

    Provincial Nominee Programs for Business:

    Every province in Canada operates its own Provincial Nominee Program for entrepreneurs. The provinces prefer aspiring entrepreneurs with business and managerial experience and proven expertise.

    The eligibility criteria and procedures to apply for these PNPs vary from province to province. The provinces nominate successful applicants to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa at the Federal Level.

    Canada Nonimmigrant visa

    Student Visa

    Helpline Group also arranges for your Student Visa if you have a proof of acceptance from the academy in Canada. Our experts are ready to serve you with all arrangements under same shelter

    Tourist Visa

    The aspiring individuals willing to visit Canada as a tourist can easily acquire Canada Tourist Visa through Helpline Group

    Required Documents:

    • Passport ( Valid for at least 6 months )
    • Qatar ID ( valid for at least 3 months )
    • Salary Certified Letter from the employer
    • Bank statement ( 3-6 months)
    • Hotel & Ticket Proof ( Helpline Group can arrange this with our experts)

    Get in touch with Helpline Group to take your goals further:

    Helpline Group offers Visa Services across multiple locations including Qatar. If you have any queries regarding our services or the procedures; please feel free to leave a message on our left. Our executives would get back to you shortly to resolve your queries, and let you know what best we can offer.

    Get in touch with Helpline Group today to take your goals further.

    Helpline Group offers Canada Visa Services for Entrepreneur, Business, Investor, and Tourists/Student from various international locations, including Qatar. Please leave a message on your left to express your concerns regarding our services. Our executives would contact you soon to understand and resolve your queries and let you know what best we can do for you.

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