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    Free Zone Company Formation / Registration in Qatar

    Human Living planet “EARTH “is become a Global Village. With latest technologies and innovative ideas, We are noticing many new things coming up in international trading and Business expansion. Most of the companies and SME’s would like to go global and take their business to the next level of excellence.

    In same way the Government sectors are focused to make or invent most flexible and convenient options for investor and companies to expand their Business locally and internationally.

    How to Set-Up a Business or Company Formation in Free Zone Qatar?

    Free zones are designated areas set up to encourage economic and business activities. Free zones generally offer a wide range of business solutions, including tax exemptions and favorable customs regulations, to help investors establish a powerful presence in a particular region.

    Government of Qatar always warm welcomes to the new SMEs and investor to provide a gateway to GCC, Middle East, Europe, USA and Africa. Considering the interests of foreign investor and international companies, Government of Qatar has announced new Trade Free Zone in 2018 with new facilities and structures. Qatar Free Zone Authority committed to delivering long-term investor satisfaction through a conducive environment for businesses operating to the highest standards of performance and excellence.

    The Objective is to make Qatar, as a Business hub and to facilitate more and more. The country have enough resource and plans to make it happen.

    Many of the international Group of companies, Food chains, Professional services, Trading companies Shipping and logistics companies wants to enter in GCC and middle east market also looking a pathway to Europe, USA and Africa market vice/ versa . Always looking for a convenient Shipping, Loading, storing and highly integrated Airports, Sea ports and Dry ports. Government of QATAR has designed the Free zone based on investors and SME’s interest.

    There will be 100% foreign ownership, with office and Warehouses facilities. Having easy access to Airport and Seaport and also local market. There is no corporate and person tax on Free Zone companies.

    And providing very prestige location of office in Corniche of DOHA city.  Where the multiple options are available Flexi Office, Smart office and warehouses. Residence visa can be obtain under Free Zone company sponsorship.

    Qatar Free zone provides the professional, commercial and industrial Licenses to operate. And can set up Foreign Branches, Representative Offices and Subsidiaries with 100% ownership.

    Advantages of Setting-Up Business in Free Zone Qatar
    • 100% ownership of business
    • 100% repatriation of capital/profits
    • Tax optimization
    • No capital tax
    • No currency restrictions
    • Low cost of operations
    • Excellent infrastructure
    • Excellent support services

    Free zones in the Qatar offer a wide range of facilities for running day-to-day operations, including:

    • Fast-track company set-up & licensing
    • Opportunity to lease land for development
    • Warehouse/factory/office units for lease
    • On-site accommodations of personnel
    • Transportation links by road, sea and air
    • Low cost energy
    • Favorable cost of living
    • Attractive working environment
    Impact Of Freezones In Business Sphere Of Qatar

    Over the years, various Free-zones have been developed in Qatar which ensures better development as well as prosperity of various business and economic activities. The Freezones in Qatar provides a freehand for various businessmen as well as entrepreneurs in planning their business and commercial activities in a systematic manner.

    Some of the advantages of Freezone Company Formation in Qatar are as follows

    • 100% foreign ownership for various business
    • 100% Repatriation for various investments and profits.
    • Absence of Currency Restrictions
    • Easy availability of Residence Visa
    • Latest communication as well as technological facilities
    • Efficient and transparent legal and regulatory framework
    What Are The Factors That One Needs To Know For Setting Up A Business In Freezone?

    Some of the important things that one should be aware before starting a company in Qatar freezone are as follows

    • Information regarding the firm
    • Detailed plan of functioning of business
    • Demand for various business services
    • Feasibility of Business
    • Target areas/region for various services
    How Has Formation Of Qatar Freezone Benefitted The Economy Of The Region?

    Some of the benefits of the Qatar Freezone on the economy of the country are as follows

    • It attracts foreign businessman as well as investors into the country.
    • The Freezone has opened up the gates for development of latest technologies.
    • It has provided numerous employment opportunities for clients from various different corners of the world.
    • The Freezone Company Formation has enables numerous businessman in connecting to various different global centers of the world.
    About Helpline Group

    Helpline Group, have a team of business advisers and consultants who are highly trained and experienced in Business advisory, Consultation, and assistance in Business Setup. If you have any queries on Company Formation in Free zone Qatar, please feel free to contact us.

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