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    Certificate attestation for UAE

    UAE is a non-member of the Hague Convention. All the document intended to use in United Arab Emirates required legalization, which generally known as the attestation or authentication.

    The procedures for attesting documents from  the UAE Embassy depends on your home country.

    Procedure for attestation of certificates for UAE
    1. Notary Verification from home country
    2. Foreign Affairs Verification from Home Country
    3. UAE Embassy from Home Country
    4. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs from UAE
    Documents required for Certificate attestation for UAE:
    1. Original Document (depends upon the issuing country)
    2. Passport Copy of the candidate
    Following are some sample documents that need UAE Embassy attestation :
    1)  Educational certificate attestation
    • A UG course certificate attestation,
    • PG course certificate attestation,
    • Diploma course certificate attestation,
    • PhD course certificate attestation,
    • Engineering course certificate attestation,
    • Medical course certificate attestation,
    • Management course certificate attestation,
    • Hotel management certificate attestation,
    • Law course certificate attestation,
    • Technical course certificate attestation,
    • Professional course certificate attestation,
    2)  Non Educational certificate attestation
    • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization
    • Salary Certificate Attestation
    • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation
    • Equivalence Certificate
    • Death Certificate Attestation
    • Birth Certificate Attestation
    • Divorce Certificate Attestation
    • Experience/ Employment Certificate Attestation
    • Marriage Certificate Attestation
    • Medical Certificate Attestation
    • Single Status Certificate Attestation
    • Ministry of education department attestation
    • Ministry of health department attestation
    • Ministry of Justice attestation
    • Chamber of commerce attestation
    • Labor department attestation
    • Assistance for Business and Tourist Visa.

    We have enabled an able assistance for certificate attestation procedures in Qatar with a proper system that is channelled to create a path of it’s own with excellence and hardwork. The trustworthy and professional relation between the clients and the Helpline Group has enabled it to become one of the best agencies in Qatar.


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