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    For opening and operating a Medical clinic in Qatar, it has to meet some requirements and procedures set out by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH). During its commercial registration itself, it must be added as an entity with specific medical activities. Whether it is a hospital, a polyclinic, a laboratory or something else the requirements and procedures stated by the Supreme Council of Health varies according to the type of Medical Centre you open. To establish a Medical Centre you need to get a license in Qatar. For this the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s (MEC) approval is mandatory.

    Healthcare facilities licensing procedure Qatar is quite complex and time-consuming. Right from the SCH’s preliminary approval on the premises to the final license for the operations is a long and complicated process. You have to obtain approvals from various other government authorities such as Civil Defense’s approval, electricity approval and such. For the final inspection and granting of the license by SCH, the premises should meet the required standards.

    The following are the steps that explain about getting a Clinic License in Qatar.
    • Provisional approval letter from SCH to the MEC
    • Approval of your Medical Centre Name from MEC
    • Issue of commercial registration certificate
    • Master Plan
    • Functional Plan
    • Inspection of the Medical Centre’s premises by SCH
    • Muroor Approval
    • Civil Defense approval
    • Municipality Approval
    • Computer card
    • Visas
    • Final Approval from SCH

    As far as healthcare facilities licensing in Qatar is concerned the SCH will have to approve the credentials of the recruited staff also. When the inspection is conducted by Supreme Council of Health, they also verify the Medical Centre’s compliance with required safety and security procedures, the manner determined for disposal of waste, telecommunication connections, internal and external signage, cleaning facilities and room sizes and equipment.


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