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Here is the go-to guide to investing your capital in Qatar being an international entrepreneur

If you own an intense passion and aptitude in business and related affairs your ventures are quite sufficient to move to the global market to build empires there. Qatar is one of the best options to invest your capital for the same. But taking your business to the next level involves a lot of legal procedures and prerequisites that you need to complete before setting off. Proper research like feasibility study, Business Structure, legal requirements and taxation schemes should not be ignored at any cost.

International company registration in Qatar

Competitor analysis will make you capable to face the new kind of challenges and to ace among the rest making the best use of your available resources. You must also be thoroughly aware of the new trends in the market, the probable ones, customer behavior and also the significant market features.

Our customer service executives will go through a number of crucial and supplementary factors such as Taxation schemes, Processing, advantages and challenges, Tariff charges, product adaptation requirements, marketing and transportation charges to suggest the best suitable entry strategy for your business. The commonly used entry options are given below.

  • Direct import and export
  • Franchising and branches
  • Joint ventures
  • Real estate
  • Form a company

Helpline Group has been in direct touch with all the industrial sectors of the international market including the GCC, the USA, Europe, Canada, China and South Asia. So that our conclusions and findings upon the international market, their taxation schemes and legal procedures are accurate and promising to responsibly assist your new-market entry. The following are our major services in each section.

Direct import/export

  • Sponsorship services in GCC countries
  • Suggest the best suited legal pathways for company set up
  • Import/export license
  • Financial planning
  • Residency permits

Franchising/Branch set up

  • Suggest a suitable legal structure
  • Franchise and branch license
  • Financial planning
  • Residency permits

Joint Ventures

  • Marking contracts
  • Legal structure
  • Residency permits

Real Estate

  • Popular new market entry
  • Find the apt investable properties
  • Laws and regulation
  • Guidance in legalization and land department affairs
  • Legal structures
  • Residency permits on property investments

Company Formation

  • The new company set up
  • Legal structure
  • Import/export service license
  • Industrial license and unit set up
  • Production regulations, restrictions and benefits
  • Residency permits
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