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This is an excellent guide if you are planning to set up a company in Qatar. This guide can help you register a company in Qatar, including tax, administration, employment rules, and more.

There are many benefits of starting a business in Qatar. This includes its political and economic stability, excellent infrastructure, and one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world – 10%. The Qatar National Vision 2030 is a government-sponsored continuing development plan that aspires to make Qatar into a sophisticated society capable of sustainable development by the year 2030. You can profit from Qatar’s investment of about $200 billion toward achieving this objective.

We always recommend hiring a qualified attorney or a reputed consulting firm like Helpline Group to establish a business in Qatar. This useful resource provides some fundamental information. It covers the following subjects:

Business life in Qatar

If you are planning to set up a company in Qatar, then you have made an excellent decision because Arab people are polite and patient. Whenever you ask an Arab for guidance, they will typically be nice and helpful because they regard this as a sign of respect.

Who can start a business in Qatar?

1.Legal criteria

The first step to starting a business in Qatar as a foreigner is to select a service agent or sponsor. A strong sponsor or knowledgeable local partner is a useful tool when dealing with government organizations. The international or domestic business must then acquire a commercial registration from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoCI).

All the necessary papers and processes are outlined in the Commercial Corporations Law. All legal agreements must be made in Arabic, and these versions will take precedence over English translations.

2.Financial requirements

Creating a private Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is frequently required for foreign business owners and investors to conduct business in Qatar. The corporation must have two owners and a minimum authorized share capital of QAR 200,000. In general, foreign investors can only own up to 49% of the share capital while the remaining 51% needs to held by one or more Qatari partners.

If a business is in line with Qatar’s development ambitions, the Ministry of Economics and Commerce may authorize foreign investors to own up to 100% of particular industries.

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    Legal structures for businesses in Qatar

    The Commercial Companies Law N.5 (2002) mandates that a company’s headquarters be located in Qatar. In general, Qatar permits the following business types:

    1.Joint Company

    There are two different kinds of partners in this company: joint partners, who have the authority to run the business and are liable for its liabilities, and trustee partners, who provide the cash (their responsibilities are limited to the value of their shares in the capital). This enterprise requires a minimum investment of QAR 200,000.

    2.Equities Partnership Company

    An equity partnership business has two teams: one with partners who are jointly liable for the company’s debts with all of their assets, and another with shareholders.

    3.Limited Partnership Company

    This firm is made up of two or more Qatari natural persons who are jointly and severally liable for the entity’s debt. Just 49% of ownership may be held by foreigners. There is no prerequisite for a minimal financial investment.

    4.Limited Liability Company

    The number of partners in this structure ranges from two to fifty, with each partner’s obligations being capped at the value of the shares they own in the company. Limited liability Company ownership and management are both permitted for foreign shareholders. The required capital must be at least QAR 200,000.

    5.Shareholding company

    This business is founded through a shareholding arrangement, which must first have approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. You must need at least five stockholders and they must all be citizens of Qatar. The management of the shareholding company will also be under the control of an elected board of directors. The initial investment should not be less than 10,000,000 QAR.

    Particular Partnership Company

    A partnership company is made up of two or more partners who are liable for the business’ responsibilities. All joint partners must be citizens of Qatar, and each partner is authorized to conduct business under the company name. Before making any investment, clearance must be obtained first.

    You must request sponsorship from a business if you want to work for yourself in Qatar. It’s crucial to highlight that you shouldn’t go to Qatar in search of part-time or informal employment. A sponsor may negotiate short-term agreements, but independent contracting is prohibited. To perform any kind of compensated job in Qatar without authorization from the Ministry of Labor is against the law. A legally registered company or a person can provide sponsorship. You can approach a company as a self-employed individual who is working as a sub-contractor.

    How to start a business as an ex-pat in Qatar

    You should consider what you plan to do in Qatar before opening a business there. Here is the reason – the procedure can be expensive and cumbersome for ex-pats. Also, foreign ownership of a company is limited to 49% in several sectors. The remaining 51% must be held by a local shareholder. You can hire a consultancy company to identify a good shareholder. The only way to get around this law is to start your firm in a free trade zone, in which case you can keep complete ownership of the business.

    Even though the legislation is not explicit about the issue, it is sometimes advised to have a minimum paid-up capital of QAR 200,000 to increase the likelihood that the company proposal will be authorized. Also, it is advised that you make any appropriate financial arrangements with your home bank before departing. You can find it difficult to get a loan from a bank in Qatar, particularly if you’re a novice.

    Moreover, the legal formalities of setting up a company in Qatar can be long and tiring.

    How can we help?

    Helpline Group has been in the industry for more than 25 years and can help you with licensing, necessary approval from authorities, opening a bank account, and many other formalities about company registration.

    You might be creating Qatar’s next big business with an effective strategy in place. New firms can flourish in Qatar thanks to the country’s social infrastructure, economy, political and social climate, banking and financial industry, and other factors. Now is the ideal moment and location to make investments or grow your company. It is a good moment to create a company in Qatar as the economy prepares for important milestones in the future.

    Want to know more? Feel free to call us a +974 77711129 to initiate your company registration process in Qatar.

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