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How to Get Police Clearance Certificate from Bahrain

A Bahrain Police clearance certificate (Bahrain PCC) is issued by the Bahrain criminal investigation department (CID). If anyone had attended criminal activities, then the criminal investigation department will keep the record or data for the country security purposes. Police clearance certificate is one of the important document required for the migration purposes. So if the applicant is free from criminal activities, then he/ she will be eligible to take police clearance from Bahrain.

If you are an applicant of Bahrain pcc, then you should submit the document as a proof of your stay in Bahrain more than six months, First entry and last exit stamp also required. If you are going through the immigration process, then you will definitely ask for police clearance certificate from Bahrain.

The candidates have to provide a letter requesting the bahrain good conduct certificate for the purpose and also submit the following documents :

1)    Finger Print Application
2)    Passport Copy (Old & New)
3)    Bahrain CPR Copy/ Visa Copy
4)    First Entry & Last Exit Dates
5)    Two Passport Size Photographs

Processing time:

Helpline Group will help you to take police clearance certificates within 15-20 working days.

Bahrain Pcc Procedure :

Physical presence of applicant is not always required. We have to compose a letter to embassy office expressing that you require a PCC and that you are approving our organization to gather it on behalf of you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concern about police clearance certificate bahrain.

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