Company setup in Qatar


Qatar Enjoys the most strategic and appreciable location in the continent. Having easy and advanced integrated Seaports, Airports and Dry ports. Having the highest GDP per capita, and a strong economy with great infrastructure. Qatar is Hosting FIFA 2022, which shows the credibility and vision of the rulers who always want to bring more and more international events and facilities into the counties.

With all of this Qatar government warm welcoming to all SME’s and Groups to enjoy the facilities which been provided to SME’s and Business Groups. The government of Qatar has made a very easy and straight forward system for setting up a company or Business in Qatar. For company formation in Qatar, Ministry of economy and commerce Qatar gives all the famous structure of setting up a business in QATAR.


Limited liability company or With limited liability


100 owned by one single person or entity.


To expand the business through branched under one entity.


For marking and contracting


To add more business activities with existing parent company’s business.


Investments groups to invest in different verticals.

With having the choice of structure’s, Ministry of Economy and Commerce QATAR allowing Business licenses under the following categories.

1.  Commercial (import/export) License:

For conducting and any trading business ( locally or internationally).

  • Some types of Licenses
  • Fruit and Vegetable trade license
  • Construction Material trade license
  • Food Stuff trading license
  • Minerals and commodities Trading
  • Stationary and books trading license
  • House Hold items trading license
  • Furniture trading license
  • Electronics trading license
  • Car accessories trading license
  • Fabrics trading license
  • Tiles and Marble trading license
  • Pipes and sanitary products trading license
  • Medicine trading license
  • Sports Goods trading license
  • Mobiles and accessories trading license
  • Watches trading license
  • Glassware trading license
  • Cosmetics and Beauty items trading license
  • Juice and beverages
  • Software development and Solutions
  • Travel and tourism license
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Food Chains
  • Machinery trading
  • Telecom products trading

2. Professional / Services License:

For services provided by professionals and companies.

  • Law firms
  • Contracting company
  • Cafeteria
  • Contracting firms
  • Clinic
  • Hear dressers and Salons
  • Beauty parlors
  • Engineering and consulting  
  • Building Maintenance
  • Cleaning company
  • Facility management
  • Schools and Institutes
  • Training centers
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Car wash
  • Consulting (professional, industrial, educational)
  • Gym and physical fitness centers

3. Industrial Licenses:

For packing/ repacking, manufacturing, waste materials and recycling.

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Packing and repacking factories
  • Waste material management factory
  • Recycling factory

4. E-Commerce:

One of the most growing sectors in Business work is trade through the internet. As the pas the need of the businesses Ministry of Economy and commerce giving licenses for trading via the internet.

  • Trading over the Internet
  • Plate form on the internet for Booking and customer services.

After the type of license and structure, we need to know some common and basic requirements for company formation and Business setup in Qatar. The following factors are the most common factors and may the requirements for setting up a business or company formation demands different requirements as per the nature of Business.

Company Setup in Qatar: Common requirements

  • You must be having a commercial premise for getting commercial registration (CR) and trade license.
  • For expatriates, the structure of any company is 51% and 49% share distribution (51% local Qatari and 49% Expat).
  • Free zones and give right to hold 100% shares of the company in QATAR but Free zones have some restriction and different requirements.     

Company Setup in Qatar: Advantages

  • Government of Qatar has designed a very friendly and optimizes tax structure for businesses, you can enjoy a tax optimized system which is one of the major concern of SME’s and Group of companies.
  • Company formation and business setup give to right to hold the residency permit for two years (renewable) with the very less and flexible requirement to stay in QATAR. Also, you can sponsor your siblings to get a residency permit of QATAR. Also, the servant’s (cook, maid, gardener, Nanny, and driver) residency permit is allowed under personal sponsorship. And Obviously, for employees, the work and residency permits are allowed.   
  • You can have personal and corporate bank account after establishing a company or residency permit.  

How to Setup a Business in Qatar?

For setting up Business in Qatar or Market entry in GCC, always you need a professional you can assist you in the understanding of Laws, regulations, and procedures.
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