Attest Your Certificates/Documents From Qatar

Attest Your Certificates/Documents From Qatar

Get professional assistance by the experts of Helpline Group to get your documents attested accurately. We are “Attestation Experts” working at international platform since 1998. Helpline Group has coined its good image in GCC, Canada, USA, UK and India by providing its unbeatable top – class services. We can deal with attestation work of any type of document mostly for all the countries. Get your documents attested from Qatar at our branch office.

In Qatar, attestation of documents is the major requirement for starting the process of any type of visa.  Actually, original documents are the major requirement for processing any legal work. Educational document attestation is required for occupational work and non- educational attestation becomes necessary for personal documentation work. At Helpline Group, we are attesting educational and non- educational documents certificates like degree/ UG/ PG/ Diploma/ Marriage/ Birth/ Experience/ Salary/ Medical Certificates, etc. Experts of Helpline Group have vast knowledge about every step of attestation; we can guide you properly in every aspect. Our top – class customized services can be availed at any of our branch office that to at a very reasonable rate.

Requirements for Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar
Educational certificates are the documents certifying the educational qualification of the applicant from a particular institute like, matriculation degree, UG degree, PG degree, etc. In Qatar, attestation of educational documents is required to be done by a government official by undergoing a lawful process. There are certain documents required to complete the attestation procedure for qatar, some of them are given below-

  • Original Certificates issued from the institute from where education is completed or degree has been taken,
  • Original mark sheet or transcript from the educational institute from where education has been completed,
  • Applicant’s passport copy

Requirements for Non – Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar
Non – educational certificates are the documents containing personal information about the candidate. Helpline Group can help you in birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, divorce certificate attestation, and other documents attestation. Non – educational documents are also required to be properly attested to complete visa formalities. There are certain essential papers mandatory for completing the attestation procedure for Qatar, which are given below-

  • Original Certificates of the applicants for which attestation is done
  • Copy of applicant’s passport

Attestation Procedure for Qatar
Being a non – member of Hague Convention, Qatar government needs all the documents to be properly attested from the government officials of the applicant’s home country. All the documents originated in the applicant’s home country are required to be validated from Qatar. There are different types of ways for document attestation; selection of a particular attestation procedure for Qatar depends on the purpose of document attestation in which an expert like Helpline Group can assist you. At branch office of Helpline Group, you will get all type of attestation services in Qatar; we have an expert fleet of professionals for handling all the related formalities. Attestation procedure for Qatar has some significant steps that are given below-

  • Notary validation in the applicant’s home country,
  • Foreign affair validation in the applicant’s home country,
  • Validation from Qatar embassy in the applicant’s home country,
  • Validation from Foreign Affairs Ministry from Qatar


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