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    If you are an engineer who wants to work in Qatar, you need to register with the UPDA (Urban Planning and Development Authority). The UPDA is the regulatory body that oversees the engineering profession in Qatar and issues licenses to qualified engineers. To register with the UPDA, you will need to submit some documents, such as your degree certificate, mark list, and experience certificate. These documents must be attested by the relevant authorities in your country and in Qatar. Attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity and validity of your documents by authorized officials.

    One of the challenges that engineers face when applying for UPDA registration is finding a reliable and efficient service provider for document attestation. We at Helpline Group, a leading attestation service provider have been in the industry for more than 25 years. We provide a wide range of services for professionals and businesses, including document attestation. We can attest your degree certificate, mark list and experience certificate from any country and any university. We can also help you with other aspects of UPDA registration, such as preparing your CV, filling out the application form, booking your exam date, and providing coaching and guidance.

    If you want to register with the UPDA and start your career in Qatar, contact Helpline Group today and get your documents attested quickly and easily. Call us today for a free consultation…!!!


    Eligibility Criteria:

    You need the following to apply for UPDA Registration:

    • Qatari Citizenship or a Permanent Resident
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
    • Full civil authority
    • Clean judicial history
    • Pass the Qualifying Exam
    Steps to apply for UPDA Registration:
    Step 1: open a Hukoomi account

    You need to register online along with your mobile number and Qatar ID. Your mobile number and Qatar ID will be verified, Hukoomi account would be created.

    Step 2: verification of University degree certificate:

    Your university needs to be listed in the MME list of approved universities. If not so, you need to inform MMUP office.

    Step 3: Attestation

    Your degree certificate, mark sheets and other significant documents need to be duly attested by relevant authorities from your home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.

    Step 4: Police Clearance Certificate:

    You need to acquire a Police Clearance Certificate from the respective Embassy in Qatar of your home country. Similarly, you need to submit a Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar as well. This clearance certificate is issued by the Crime Investigation Department.

    Step 5: Upload your documents

    You need to upload your documents online in the specified format and fill in the application form completely.

      • Valid Qatar ID
      • Degree certificate (duly attested)
      • Consolidated mark sheet or mark sheets for all semesters
      • Work Experience Certificates (both from Qatar and overseas)
      • Training Course Certificates
      • Police Clearance Certificate
      • Latest Curriculum Vitae (CV)
      • Latest photographs
      • Passport
    Step 6: Submission

    As you upload your documents online and fill in your application for UPDA Registration, you will receive an SMS from Engineer’s Admission Committee, to submit your original documents visiting their office.

    Step 7: Qualifying Examination

    The Engineer’s Admission Committee usually conducts the qualifying examinations in the Baladiya office. The exam pattern would be 25 objective type questions with duration of one hour. On passing this exam, you get UPDA ID Card after payment of the specified fee through your Debit or Credit Card

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