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Are you planning to start a company in Qatar? If so, it’s an excellent choice. Foreign investors can easily start a company in Qatar if you have a good investment plan. Be it partnerships, joint partnerships, and limited partnerships or joint ventures, there are many opportunities for expat entrepreneurs in Qatar. To facilitate the best company formation in Qatar, the government formed the Qatar Investment Authority. This article covers specifics related to business setup.

Planning to set up an offshore company in Qatar? Then, this is a must-read. We at Helpline Groups are one of the best in the company formation industry and can help you with everything right from company creation to moving forward to great lengths.

What is offshore formation?

Offshore company formation is designed on the concept of the term offshore, which denotes a location other than a person’s native country. A legal entity known as an “Offshore Corporation” is one that was formed with the goal of conducting business somewhere other than its registration jurisdiction or the place of its ultimate ownership. For more advantageous circumstances, such as tax exemption, lax laws, or asset protection, businesses and individuals (usually those with a high net worth) may relocate overseas.

Offshore company formation in the Qatar

Helpline Group provides ex-pats with cheap offshore company registration in Qatar. We can help you in identifying the correct legal entity or corporate service for your business.

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    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Choosing the appropriate legal entity or corporate service for your business is the first step in the comprehensive Qatar company formation solution that PRO Partner Group Qatar offers to foreign investors.

    • What is the Cost to set up an offshore LLC company setup in Qatar?

    Depending on where you decide to establish your license, the expenses to set up an offshore company in Qatar may change. Establishing a company in a free zone gives benefits such as 100% ownership, but not always lower office renting expenses. You must accept positions that QFC has approved and there is an annual fee and application cost.

    According to Qatari legislation, limited liability companies must have a local partner from the country of Qatar who will own 51% of the company’s shares, with the foreign partner owning the other 49%. An LLC is the most typical structure for a mainland firm. The cost of starting a mainland business varies depending on a variety of variables, including the type of business, the number of employees, and the available commercial space.

    • How long will it take to set up an LLC in Qatar?

    The complexity of offshore company registration in Qatar considerably depends on that business. The amount of time taken is determined by whether the 49% shareholding will be owned by a “parent company” or by “individual(s)”. No matter how big or small your company is, our skilled team of consultants and government liaison officers at Helpline Group will make sure the procedure is handled effectively.

    • What kind of commercial space is needed to start a business in Qatar?

    To receive their Trade License, all running businesses in Qatar are required to have a commercial lease. LLCs would require a physical office location if they wanted to register as offshore company in Qatar. There is no minimum square-meter requirement when referring to the mainland. Separate office space is typically necessary to prevent problems with acquiring a trade license; a flexi-desk will not do as it can be a problem.

    How to set up an offshore company account in Qatar?

    It is strongly encouraged that you look to register a local corporate bank account as soon as possible, even if it is not a requirement for new enterprises without employees. It is advantageous for local business dealings as well as for paying employees through the Wage Protection System (WPS) banking system whenever a company hires people. A block will be placed against the company if this is not done. There are numerous local banks to select from, and the majority of them provide affordable business rates.

    Can you have 100% foreign ownership in Qatar?

    There are ways for a foreign entity to own a 100% stake in a company in Qatar. In Qatar’s Free Zones (QFZ and QFC), 100% ownership is permitted. In several restricted industries on the mainland, such as agriculture, healthcare, education, business, mining, and minerals, it is also feasible to possess 100%. You can also set up a branch office with 100% ownership but make sure it must be working on a government or quasi-government contract. A 100% foreign-owned Trade Representative Office is another option, although this kind of organization is unable to conduct business.

    Registration of trade names in Qatar

    A trade name reservation costs QAR 1000; names written in English cost an additional QAR 500; and trademark names cost an additional QAR 2000.

    Required paperwork for a Qatar trade license

    Once the business registration has been granted, you can move on to submit an application for a commercial permit or trade license. The license is revocable and has a one-year validity.

    The following records are necessary:

    • A copy of the authorized person’s identification card a rental agreement
    • A duplicate of the business registration
    • A sign bearing the brand name that is no taller than 120 cm
    • A duplicate of the main branch’s business license, if you’re applying for a branch.
    • Construction certificate of completion
    • Paying the fees

    The LLC documents will include information about the company’s type, name, purpose, and place of business.

    • Names, nationalities, homes, and addresses of the partners
    • Each partner’s capital share amount, in-kind shares, and their respective values
    • Names and nationalities of the company’s management, as well as whether they are partners or whether their names appear in the company’s incorporation records
    • Names of the supervisory board members
    • Duration of the business
    • Method of allocating earnings and losses
    • Conditions for assigning shares
    • Forms that must be used when notifying partners by the company
    Different company types in Qatar
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Branch Office & Subcontractor
    • Representative Office
    • Free zones – QFC, QFZ
    • Joint Stock Company
    • Sole Establishment
    • Holding Company
    Why choose Helpline Group?

    Working with a seasoned representative like Helpline Group is always a better idea when it comes to offshore company formation in Qatar. We can guide you through the entire process without any problems thanks to our competent team. Along with managing your application for business creation, we can help you open a corporate bank account by recommending the best financial institution. We make it a practice to go above and above for our customers so they can focus on their businesses without worrying. Feel free to call us at +974 77711129 for a quick, free consultation.

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