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ICV Certification in Qatar

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    An ICV Certification is basically a process that is used to certify the supplier or contractors an ICV score by independent pre approved ICV certifiers.
    The In –Country Value (ICV) is basically a policy of functioning which helps them to contribute immensely and positively to the sustainable growth of Energy sector and also it promotes GDP Diversification in Qatar .
    The ICV score takes note of the total amount that is spent in the country that benefits business and economic development and contributes in human capability development . The ICV score helps to reduce the dependence on local goods and services , thereby developing the local goods and products . The ICV score helps in the business development and helps the local markets to expand and to reach out to a wider range of clients .


    Under this program , the suppliers are required to submit the ICV Scorecard or ICV plan submission that are going to be approved by the Qatar petroleum approved ICV certifiers . The ICV Certification is done in order to ensure that information provided by suppliers is measured in accordance to the methodologies and the ICV Score turns out to be accurate .
    The certifier has major responsibilities such as preparation of test procedures as well as review of information that are provided by suppliers and issue ICV certificates and to review working papers.


    1)Supplier On-boarding
    Suppliers that are requested to provide their ICV Scorecard as a part of their registration has to re certify and update their scorecard annually.

    ICV has an important role while selecting the winning bidders on the basis of their ICV Score card .

    3)Contract Review
    There are two reviews that takes place during the execution of the contract .
    (i)The first review takes place takes place in middle of the contract
    (ii)The final review is culminated at the end of the contract .For this review, the contract must be signed by pre approved certifier.

    The bidding and evaluation process is based on technical , evaluation and ICV evaluation criteria .The compliance to the ICV requirements to the procurement process is extremely crucial .


    HELPLINE Group has an experience of over two decades in various documentation process in gulf countries and has achieved tremendous success among the clients by helping with their requirements in a short span of time . The ICV Certification in Qatar involves a lot of documentation process and Helpline Group helps them with their lengthy processes and saves a lot of time as well as also cost .

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