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Best Company Formation in Qatar

Are you planning to start a company in Qatar? If so, it’s an excellent choice. Foreign investors can easily start a company in Qatar if you have a good investment plan. Be it partnerships, joint partnerships, and limited partnerships or joint ventures, there are many opportunities for expat entrepreneurs in Qatar. To facilitate the best company formation in Qatar, the government formed the Qatar Investment Authority. This article covers specifics related to business setup.

Why should you choose Qatar?

Qatar, despite its small size, has one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world. Although oil and gas account for more than 70% of all government revenue, the country’s current main focus is on developing its non-energy-related industries, such as petrochemical, real estate, financial services, education, health, sports, and tourism.

With a rapidly expanding economy and a progressive growth plan, Qatar will definitely offer a wide range of investment opportunities for companies in the years to come. Qatar today offers a variety of multi-tiered investment options as a result of the nation’s progressive economic policies, drive for infrastructure expansion, and commitment to revenue diversification. There are many service providers that offer Company Formation assistance in Qatar.

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    Company Registration in Qatar 

    Here are some of the things you need to know for company formation in Qatar.

    • Qatar’s foreign investment law restricts overseas investment of local entities to 49% of the entity’s capital, save in certain unique circumstances.
    • In Qatar, the most popular type of business entity is an LLC.
    • Commercial agencies and real estate are prohibited from accepting foreign investment.
    • Direct sales are not permitted in Qatar, and Qatari representative companies are formed with 100% foreign ownership and control. Such a branch will simply carry out tasks like market research and parent firm business promotion.
    Steps for Company registration in Qatar

    Opening a branch or forming a new business entity are two options available to foreign corporations looking to establish a business in Qatar. Global firms must appoint a person to start a business in Qatar. If you have any queries regarding how to establish a business in Qatar, one of our company registration agents can help. Any investors who choose to launch a business in Qatar must complete the following steps:

    • Secure a company name with the Commercial Registry and Trademark Department
    • Open a bank account and deposit the paid-up capital
    • Create the Articles of Association and submit them for approval from the commercial companies control department
    • Verify the Articles of Association
    • Present the documents and register it with the Commercial Registry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Register your company for tax purposes and make a company seal
    • Get Trade license and signage license from the Municipality of Doha. You may also need other permits and licenses as per company’s activities
    Benefits of opening a company in Qatar

    The Qatar Business Zone carries a distinctive feature for the business environment in Qatar. Entrepreneurs must understand the differences between setting up shop in or out the free business zone before they finalize where to launch a business.

    The rules and regulations that apply to businesses are considerably varied between the two zones. There are many benefits of opening a company in the free business zone such as 100% foreign ownership of shares, no limitations on foreign currency, and the absence of income tax, corporate tax, and foreign trade taxes. The free business zone is the location of choice for most entrepreneurs looking to launch a business in Qatar. Technology, logistics, marine, industrial, and even petrochemical companies are located in this area.

    Aside from having access to the free business zone, there are many benefits of establishing a business in Qatar. Here are some of the benefits of starting a business in Qatar:

    • Qatar is proud of its highly advanced corporate infrastructure and its skilled but low-cost labor force.
    • Qatar doesn’t charge income tax on earnings.
    • Export-related earnings are not taxed.
    • The rate of corporate taxes in Qatar is under 10%.
    • Foreign entrepreneurs can send all of their profits to their home.
    • There are helpful financial services out there that are aware of the requirements of company owners.
    Requirements for starting a business in Qatar

    If you are wondering “How to register a company in Qatar”, understand that it involves a lengthy and complicated process. A business owner must first fulfill a number of conditions set forth by the Commercial Companies Law in order to do business in Qatar. These specifications include:

    • Having a founding partner from Qatar.
    • Proper commercial registration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI).
    • Arabic and English are required for any official contracts.
    • A QAR 200,000 minimum share capital is required.
    • Must have at least two or more owners, with 51% of the major shareholding owned by Qatari stockholders.
     What types of business entities are there in Qatar?

    Qatar has the following categories of business entities:

    • Partnership company
    • Limited liability company
    • Limited partnership company
    • Single person company
    • Holding company
    • Particular partnership company
    • Shareholding company
    • Limited share partnership company
    What type of business does a foreign investor prefer here?

    The limited liability company (LLC) is the most common type of business entity created by foreign investors in Qatar. Typically, a foreign business owner needs one or more local partners to join the venture and take on the role of majority shareholder.

    Company Formation services in Qatar by Helpline Groups

    Now that you know the procedures on how to do company formation in Qatar, Helpline Groups is there for you.

    We are one of the top company formation service providers in Qatar. We can help you start a company right from creation till completion. Helpline groups can assist you with company registration, getting you trade and any other license, and various more cross-border citizen services. With more than 25 years of experience, we handle all the procedures and formalities required for company formation in Qatar.

    Here are some of the reasons why we are the best.

    • Global presence – We have a strong global presence with offices in many places such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India and many more.
    • Good ideas and support – You want a company that gives you in-depth knowledge. This implies that we can assist you with the start-up and expansion of your organization in addition to providing you with new and creative ideas.
    • Quality Services – With more than two decades in the business, Helpline Group has created systematic guidelines that help us to provide unmatched service quality not only in terms of quality but also speed and accuracy.
    • Reliable business partners – We have suppliers, distributors, and service providers, who can help you establish a business and achieve success.

    Have any queries? Call us at (+974) – 70658000 or at (+974) – 442 711 00.

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