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    UK Visa for Entrepreneur, Startup Business and Innovator Visa from Qatar.

    Do you wish to set up a new business, expand your existing business, or invest in a venture in the UK? Helpline Group is the one-stop solution provider for all your Visa requirements for Entrepreneurs, Business, and Investor Visa for the UK.

    Various UK Immigration Programs for Business

    It is crucial to understand the norms and requirements to immigrate to the UK for business. The Government of the UK encourages financially sound entrepreneurs and investors with a feasible and genuine business idea to migrate to the UK.

    UK Immigrant visa
    Requirements for UK Entrepreneur Visa:
    • Proof of funds for investment (£ 2 million)
    • Access to a fund of £ 50,000 from a UK Entrepreneurial seed funding endorsed by UKTI; UK Government Department or a Venture Capital Firm.
    • Proof of Bank Statement of previous 3 months have had at least £945 in your bank account for 90 consecutive days before you apply.
    • Proof for ease in transfer of funds to the UK
    • Your business plan
    • English language proficiency
    • Maintenance requirements
    Requirements for UK Investor Visa:
    • Proof of funds to invest £ 2 million in the UK
    • UK Bank Account
    • Investments in Government Bonds, share capital or loan capital in a company registered in the UK
    • There are no other requirements, such as maintenance and English language proficiency. You can work or study in the UK under the Investor Visa category.
    • Visa for Sole Representative:
    • The individuals that wish to expand their business in the UK, by sending their senior person to represent their company, can apply for this Visa. There are no specific investment requirements for this Visa.
    • The Sole Representative needs to be employed outside the UK at the time of application. He/ she should possess proper business know-how and experience. He/ she would be solely responsible for taking decisions on behalf of the company.
    • It takes around one to two months to get the Visa. Initially, Visa is for 3 years. Later, Helpline Group assists you to obtain an extension, settlement, and then citizenship.
    UK Non-immigrant visa
    Requirements for UK student Visa
    • Passport ( Valid for at least 6 months )
    • Qatar ID ( valid for at least 3 months )
    • A confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS)
    • Accommodation proof in UK (if previously arranged by you or college )
    • Salary Certified Letter of the payee
    • Bank statement ( 3-6 months) of payee
    • Blank page on the passport for your Visa
    Requirements for UK Tourist/Visitor Visa
    • Passport ( Valid for at least 6 months )
    • Qatar ID ( valid for at least 3 months )
    • Salary Certified Letter from the employer
    • Bank statement ( 3-6 months)
    • Hotel & Ticket Proof ( Helpline Group can arrange this with our experts)
    • Blank page on the passport for your Visa
    Get in touch with Helpline Group today to take your goals further.

    Helpline Group offers UK Visa Services for Entrepreneur, Business, Investor, and Tourists/Student from various international locations, including Qatar. Please leave a message on your left to express your concerns regarding our services. Our executives would contact you soon to understand and resolve your queries and let you know what best we can do for you.


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