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Product Registration in Qatar helps you in enabling the delivery of product, establishing record of ownership, improving technical support, claiming warranty and extending the warranty period beyond the date of manufacture. For getting the legal benefits also, product registration is extremely recommended by the government. By registering your product with the relevant Ministries you are receiving a regulatory approval for distributing, marketing and selling the product.

The main reason why product registration is a must in Qatar is that trading of fake and harmful products in the domestic market could be restricted. Without the consent of Qatar Municipality control no product will be made, imported, traded, promoted, sold or conveyed.

Registration process differs for different products for example if you are a pharmaceutical company and you need to register your medicine you will have to submit the required data and documents to the Permanent Licensing Committee (PLC). If your company is verified, then its name will be added to the relevant register and the applicant shall be granted an acknowledgment stating the number and date of their registration. If your application is rejected then you can appeal to the Minister of Public Health within two months from the date of notification. It is the Permanent Licensing Committee that publishes the Official Gazette with names of those pharmaceutical companies and medicines that have been registered. To export the product pharmaceutical companies require a Certificate of Free Sale or a Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product or other such certificates.

Usually Registration of a Pharmaceutical Product requires a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP). You have to obtain product authentication from concerned authorities. You must also prove that your product is devoid from hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, etc. No product will be allowed to get registered until you have a medical store licensed by the Ministry of Health. There are also a lot of certificates to be submitted such as Halal certificate, company registration certificate, BSE / TSE free certificate, etc. When you apply for your license you should also submit various labels of the product that is the outer label and the inner label. You might be confused with the whole process.

Only an experienced consultant like Helpline group can advise you in completing the entire process of Product Registration in Qatar. All the critical procedures are done accordingly updating with the rules and regulations issued by the government. From document filing to the registration of your product we help you in to marketing your product in Qatar.

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