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Willing to visit Philippine? Looking ahead for support to get Philippine visa from Qatar? We – the Helpline Group expert consultants are there to assist you. Applying a visa is not a simple task for many, as it requires fulfillment of several legal obligations. As an expert, we know exactly what the Philippine tourist visa requirements are and how to fulfill them for satisfying legal obligations set by the government. We have been running our agency and serving the society since 1998; we are one of the fastest service providers in Qatar; our branches are spread in different region of the world that’s made our work easy and fast. Our services are not just limited to the visa application process, it covers all visa related issues and our consultants are always ready to provide you a complete solution for all your queries.


Philippine is a great place to visit for enjoying the natural beauty, as it is a place filled with fascinating beaches, historical places and tasty food. Through visits visa, you can get a chance to enter Philippine to explore its hidden beauty. Although visit visa or tourist visa is nothing more than a sticker endorsed on the passport by the government authority granting the permission to move into their country, but it is the most essential thing for foreigners willing to enter any country. A single mistake in dealing with legal requirements or submission of incomplete form or improper/ fake documents or any other small mistake might become a reason for rejection of Philippine tourist visa application. Thus, it is suggested to take  the help of our consultants instead of wasting money, as once visa fees is paid it will not be refunded. Helpline Group has experts working in this field for years and who have severed the purpose of many individuals struggling with visa problems.


Philippines tourist visa is issued for a short period of time, which allows a foreigner to enjoy as a tourist in the country or to fulfill his specific business need. Knowing and fulfilling Philippine visa requirements is the most important step before applying for a visa and it is purely based on the selection of visa, as Philippine tourist visa requirements are different from Philippine business visa requirements. Selection of visa is done on the basis of applicant’s purpose of a visit to the country. Helpline Group can help and assist you in selecting appropriate visa for your trip and applying for the selection made. We are the most trusted agencies working at the international level dealing with visa applications from different regions of the world. We always keep our clients information confidential by keeping their data in the hands of our most trusted and experienced consultants.  


Documents Required:

1. Duly accomplished visa application
2. Passport/Travel Document (original and photocopy) valid for at least six (6)
months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines;
3. Round trip airline and hotel booking;
4. Qatar Residence ID/Permit (valid at least 3 month);
5. Company Letter of Guarantee, including salary and NOC;
6. Computer ID of Company;
7. Proof of financial capacity (current bank statement for 6 months);
8. Personal Appearance (for first time applicants);
9. 2 passport size photos (2×2size)
10. Other supporting documents may be required
i) Police Clearance, Invitation Letter, Marriage Contract;
ii) For Recruitment Trip: Job Order & Recruitment Agreement (Demand
Letter) verified by Philippine Labor Office (POLO), Certification issued by

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