How to Open a Company in a Free Zone in Qatar

Want to start a company in the Free Zone of Qatar? Then, the Helpline Group is ready to serve you. We have been in the industry for more than two decades and have experience, skills, and testimonials that prove we are the best in the industry. Our prices are competitive and our services are impeccable. Read on to know how to open a company in a free zone in Qatar.

Qatar Free Zones

The Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA), established in 2018, is in charge of developing and governing free zones in Qatar and issuing licenses to foreign companies making investments there. Although it has companies in many other areas, its main focus is on four core sectors: emerging technology, logistics, industry, and maritime.

The Qatar free zones are a great choice for international investors. Regarding legal requirements and customs regulations, they are regarded as distinct from the domestic state “mainland” area and as such have unique advantages, such as:

  • Completely foreign ownership
  • 0% Corporate tax
  • Full capital repatriation
  • No customs fees applied to imports
  • A cutting-edge digital infrastructure
  • Options for flexible structuring
  • A transparent, business-friendly legal environment
  • Access to a small- and medium-sized business investment funds (SMEs)
  • Several prospects for partnerships and joint ventures

They are mostly concentrated on three important industries: logistics, technology, and chemicals, where Qatar has distinct advantages over other international investment locations.

The QFZA currently has two free zones in operation, both of which are a 30-minute drive from Doha, the country’s capital. Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul are the two popular QFZs in Qatar.

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    Starting a company in Free Zone Qatar

    Starting a business in a Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) involves two key steps: the application stage and the registration stage. Contact with QFZA is made directly for both levels (Qatar Free Zone Authority). Notably, Venture Partner Qatar (VPQ) can function as your representative to help with the establishment and interface with the Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZ) to ensure the proper and timely setup of the free zone company in QFZ. Your primary point of contact during the process can be VPQ.

    The procedure for applying to open a QFZ

    Obtaining general company information, financial and employment estimates, and a business plan outlining intended operations and activities are all part of this process.

    At this point, you will need to submit the following documents:

    • A copy of the registration of your business (If the company is already registered in Qatar)
    • Financial documents from the last three years that have been audited or from a shareholder
    • Copies of each director’s identification documents for the proposed company
    • Evidence of having paid the 300 QAR required for the application
    Registration process to set up in QFZ

    The intended business activity and structure will determine the paperwork that will be submitted at this stage.

    • Establishing a Limited Liability Company in Qatar Free Zone (QFZ)

    You will need all the documentation about the free zone entity to start an LLC Company in Free Zone Qatar. Here are the procedures:

    • Articles of Association (AoA), each page of which must be signed by shareholders or their authorized representatives.
    • Documents related to the free zone entity’s establishment and the designation of an authorized representative (shareholder’s resolution)
    • All official documentation about the shareholders of the company
    • The necessary Board Resolution and Power of Attorney must be obtained from the place of origin, notarized, legalized, and attested by the Qatari embassy there, where shareholders may be corporate organizations. In this procedure, VPQ can offer support as needed.
    Establishing a foreign branch in the free-trade zone in Qatar (QFZ)

    You must submit the following information to register a branch office in the Qatar Free Zone:

    • Any paperwork about the authorization to establish a free zone branch
    • Any documents of the manager’s appointment
    • Any further constitutional documents of the original parent firm
    • When opening a branch office in QFZ, the parent firm must create the necessary Board Resolution and Power of Attorney, which must then be acquired from the country of origin and notarized, legalized, and attested through the Qatari embassy there. In this procedure, VPQ can help as needed.
    What are the setup costs for a business in Qatar Free Zone? (QFZ)?

    For an LLC, the initial government setup costs in QFZ are QAR11,000. This consists of a QAR 300 application cost for a free zone, a QAR 5,700 registration charge for a free zone, and a QAR 5,000 yearly license price.

    How can the Helpline Group assist you?

    We are aware of the difficulties involved in expanding into new markets. In addition to assisting you with all pertinent PRO Services, such as employee visas, immigration, and labor issues, as well as all pertinent company licensing, corporate structuring, and corporate governance, we can help you choose the best legal entity for your business.

    Contact us at +974 77711129 or fill out the form if you require help for free zone company formation in Qatar or would like more information on any other related company establishment, local partner, or PRO service matters in Qatar. We will be happy to help.

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