Ghana Police Clearance Certificate


        Attestation Contact Number       Attestation Contact Number


Police Clearance Certificate is an official document that every citizen who has lived in a Ghana for more than three months requires if wishes to migrate or work or visit a foreign country.  It is the report/certificate of his / her good behavior, from the police in Ghana.   Police Clearance Report / Certificate in Ghana is issued by the Criminal Data Services Bureau (CDSB) of the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Ghana.   It is CDSB that collects, maintains and vets the data on all the criminal activities in the country.



Have you lived in Ghana for more than three months?  You definitely require the Police Clearance Report from the police of Ghana(Ghana Criminal Record Check) to work or to immigrate to a foreign country.  Helpline Group in Qatar can assist you to get your work done by our professionals placed across the globe.

You need to serve a power of attorney authorizing the group to proceed with your application.  One needs to fill in the CID FORM 196 (NOMINAL VETTING ON BEHALF OF APPLICANT NOT RESIDENT IN GHANA) and submit all the necessary documents supporting your identity and duration of stay in Ghana along with your complete personal details.

We will represent you and apply for the certificate on your behalf and do all the necessary procedure to obtain the certificate.  Helpline Group is always at your fingertips.  Visit us at and send us a message. We are always ready to serve you around the clock across the globe.


        Attestation Contact Number       Attestation Contact Number