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There are several methods for company formation in QSTP, including on the mainland, in free zones, economic zones, etc., all of which present incredible prospects for international investors. If you are looking to start a company in QSTP, then this is a must-read.

Foreign investors can learn about the benefits of the Qatar free trade zones, where they can simply register businesses with the assistance of our advisers. We at Helpline Group advise you to contact one of our Qatari company formation agents for more information on how much it will cost to start a business in the free zone there. On the other hand, our local consultants can go over all the legal specifics with anyone interested in immigrating to Qatar.

What are the different free zones in Qatar?

Currently, the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) is in charge of two significant free trade zones: Umm Alhould (next to Hamad Port) and Ras Boufantas (close to Hamad International Airport). These free zones’ main objective is to draw as many foreign investors and businesses while QFZ provides various advantages in commercial matters:

  • Excellent facilities for collaboration and creativity.
  • 100% control over companies founded in Qatar.
  • There are no corporate taxes or customs fees.
  • Not a single personal income tax.

With the help of our team of company formation specialists in Qatar, you can register a company in one of the free trade zones in Qatar. We are available at any moment to answer any questions you may have about the charges associated with forming a company in the Qatar-free zone. Also, those who are interested in relocating can get specialized legal help from our immigration lawyers in Qatar. To discuss this issue, contact our immigration attorneys in Qatar. Also, we can assist you with company formation in QSTP and obtaining all required paperwork quickly.

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    Qatar’s requirements for starting a business in a free trade zone

    Although Qatari law is flexible, international investors must adhere to a few standards for business registration:

    • With 100% ownership in the company, they are able to form limited liability companies with a minimum share capital of QAR 200,000.
    • Information about the owners, operations, business address, basic norms, etc., must be included in the articles of association.
    • The Qatari Ministry of Economics and Commerce issuing the necessary licenses and permits must be obtained.
    • The business must register with the Public Revenue and Tax Authority to receive the TIN, often known as the tax identification number.

    If you’d want more information on how much it will cost to register a business in Qatar, you can speak with one of our company formation agents there. Investors interested in relocating can speak with our specialists on immigration to Qatar.

    Information about Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul

    In a 30 square kilometer area, Umm Alhoul has easy access to Hamad Port. Umm Alhoul has divisions in the food processing industry, logistics, the automobile industry, petrochemicals, maintenance, and repair.

    Ras Bufontas is a region with 24 pre-built industrial buildings covering up to 1,500 square kilometers. You can conduct your business here if you need logistics, work in aviation, cutting-edge technology, or light manufacturing.

    We encourage you to speak with our local representatives to learn more about the costs associated with free zone company formation. You can also ask for assistance from our Qatari immigration lawyers.

    With the assistance of our attorneys, obtaining a residence permit in Qatar is a reasonably simple process. Our staff can assist you with both the writing of the documentation that the authorities require and with working with the appropriate authorities. Both the job contract and a set of medical exams are required for this venture. But, a member of our team of experts can go over all the details with you if you contact us right away.

    Procedure for Company Formation In Free Zone

    Let’s go through the following details to have a better understanding of the procedures for Qatar free zone company formation:

    Documents for the company’s incorporation into the free zone will be prepared if it is already registered in Qatar.

    It’s necessary to have copies of the managers’ identification papers.

    • The application requires payment and is around QAR 300.
    • The financial statements for the previous three years, if any.

    It is significant to note that a QAR 11,000 initial government charge has been paid. The registration of a Qatar limited liability company requires payment of this cost. With our local representatives, you can learn more about the costs of setting up a business in the Qatar Free Zone.

    You may decide to start a business in Qatar due to its strategic location and the availability of investment opportunities in a variety of industries. Once you’ve selected your choice, you might think about working with a Qatari accountant. The procedures put in place will provide the business owner confidence that it complies with all applicable laws. Thus, depending on the activities you engage in, you may profit from payroll and bookkeeping services. Also, you can ask for assistance in putting tax avoidance strategies into action.

    Other free zones established in Qatar

    The two largest businesses in Qatar’s free zones are Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul. Foreign investors may also establish businesses in the following free zones:

    • Foreigners with an interest in research and development, education, technological advancements, and new businesses have selected Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). It provides a wide range of platforms tailored to the requirements of investors.
    • The Doha-based Qatar Financial Center (QFC) caters to people in banking, Islamic finance, insurance, investment consulting, and asset management.

    Because there are no fees associated with remitting profits, these free zones are chosen. 100% foreign ownership is permitted, and the corporate tax rate is 10%. Find out more about Qatar free zone company formation expenses from our local representatives.

    Why choose Qatar’s free zone for business?

    Foreign players can select Qatar’s free zones for their businesses if they are interested in the advantages of the tax system. The procedures are straightforward, but you must consider the set-up costs. Qatar-free zones are open to everyone, allow for 100% foreign ownership, and allow for the establishment of businesses in a wide range of industries.

    There are many benefits of Qatar free zones. There are no customs duties applied, and the law is lenient. If you wish for a company formation in QSTP, feel free to contact our group of company formation agents in Qatar. Ask us about the costs of forming a business in Qatar.

    Why use our Qatari experts?

    The specialists are aware of the company formation in Qatar free zone. The formalities required by the government are manageable for them. Let’s go through a few details:

    • Drafting of a company’s articles of association for the Qatar free zone.
    • Creating and documenting the comprehensive business plan.
    • Applications for special licenses and privileges in Qatar
    • Qatar bank account opening.
    • Coordinating immigration procedures for international investors.
    • Qatari tax registration.

    We cordially encourage you to learn more about Qatari company formation fees.

    Why choose us?

    Helpline Group is one of the top companies that provide licensing, recruiting, and company formation services to entrepreneurs or businessmen who are looking forward to starting a company in Qatar free zones. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years and have years of experience to deliver you impeccable results. Helpline Group handles all the formalities and procedures needed for you to start a company in Qatar free zone. We understand how rules and regulations work, stay updated on their constant changes, and ensure that all the procedures are followed as per the Qatari Government and respective authorities.

    Want to know more? Feel free to call us at +974 77711129.

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