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    Certificate attestation for Kuwait

    Kuwait certificate attestation – Kuwait is not included in Hague convention . So that obtaining a job in ministry, banks or other reputed institutions or any government procedure employees must complete attestation of certificates. First , you must attest the certificates from the home country to get into Kuwait. First, attest Certificates from the State Norka Centre/Ministry of External Affairs. After attesting Certificate from home country, take the translation of the attested certificates from an authorized translation center and get stamped and sign from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are certain steps to get attestation for Kuwait .

    Notary attestation, Norkka attestation, Embassy attestation,MEA Attestation – There are two types Notary attestation they are District notary attestation and state notary attestation. After getting attestation from notary you can submit the certificates for concerned home department attestation. Which states that the certificate is true to get attestation from Home Department. All the educational certificates should get attested from the concerned state department to get embassy attestation. In Kerala It is known as Norkka Attestation . Once in a month every collect rates provides Norkka attestation. Norkka will get only for government certificates. In other states it is known as the State authentication Department ( H.R.D). After HRD the documents should submit for MEA attestation. . MEA attests all educational certificate non education certificates and commercial certificates. After getting successful attestation from MEA you can submit the certificates to Embassy attestation. You will be getting Kuwait Embassy attestation for official purpose in Kuwait. The embassy will attest all educational and non educational and commercial document if the certificate already attested by MEA.The Sub Divisional Magistrate’s office is situated in Delhi. After getting Attestaion from SDM , can submit the certificate to MEA attestation after that Embassy attestation. We are undertaking below mentioned certificates for attestation.


    1) Educational certificate attestation
    • A UG course certificate attestation,
    • PG course certificate attestation,
    • Diploma course certificate attestation,
    • PhD course certificate attestation,
    • Engineering course certificate attestation,
    • Medical course certificate attestation,
    • Management curse certificate attestation,
    • Hotel management certificate attestation,
    • Law course certificate attestation,
    • Technical course certificate attestation,
    • Professional course certificate attestation,
    2) Non educational certificate attestation
    • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization
    • Salary Certificate Attestation
    • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation
    • Equvalency Certificate
    • Death Certificate Attestation
    • Birth Certificate Attestation
    • Divorce Certificate Attestation
    • Experience/ Employment Certificate Attestation
    • Marriage Certificate Attestation
    • Medical Certificate Attestation
    • Single Status Certificate Attestation
    • Ministry of education department attestation
    • Ministry of health department attestation
    • Ministry of Justice attestation
    • Chamber of commerce attestation
    • Labor department attestation
    • Assistance for Business and Tourist Visa.


    We are doing a perfect service by assuring safety of your documents.You can visit our office to experience a excellence service in certificate attestation for Kuwait.


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