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    Willing to see your family residing in Canada? Or having a short stay business requirement to visit Canada, tourist visa for Qatar can be availed with our help? We – the Helpline Group experts, can help you in arranging for a visit visa to Canada. Our experts are highly proficient in handling international visa work. Helpline Group has been running successfully since 1998, to provide documentation assistance in successful arrangement of visit visa. We have branches in different corners of the world, from there we are fulfilling client’s visa requirements, connecting people and communicating migration information. We have hired native experts to handle the regional issues of that particular area, whether it is related to language or legal aspects, our experts can handle everything smartly. People looking forward to get a Canadian tourist visa from Qatar can contact our local branch office experts working in Qatar.

    Helpline consultants have full – fledged knowledge about the documents required for Canada tourist visa and business visa. To visit Canada, tourist visa is an essential document which gives you the permission to have a valid entry in the country. Each passport holder has different document requirements, as document requirement depends on the purpose of making visits to the country, the native country of the applicant, age, marital status and different other things. Helpline consultants can guide you in a proper way to make your application successful. For a visit to Canada, business visa requirements get different from tourist visa, thus, the applicant must be very clear about the purpose of making visits to Canada. A company agent or a businessman can satisfy their short term business need like attending business meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. with a Canadian visitor visa.

    Getting a visitor visa for Canada is not an easy task but you can hit the bull’s eye with our help. Being an expert in this field, we have full knowledge about every aspect related to Canadian tourist visa and Canadian business visa requirements. Without expertise in making  a visa application anyone can make simple mistake which might become a big reason for application rejection; as visa fee is non- refundable, thus, one might incur a loss in applying again and again. At our Qatar Helpline branch, our consultants will help you in arranging documents, managing them properly, completing the details required to be fulfilled by the government and finally in making proper visa application. At times, it is required to get some documents attested or translated into another language; our experts can help you with that also, we know very well where government authorities need to attested documents and were translated copy of original documents are required. We have native linguistic experts for document translation, who can give you exact copy of translated document without changing its meaning. Contact us freely to enjoy our visa services and expertise, to enhance your experience of Canada trip.

    Documents Required:
    • * Passport Qatar
    • * ID Photo
    • * Tickets Hotel Bookings
    • * 6 months Bank Statement
    • * NOC From Employer
    • * Invitation Letter if purpose is Business

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