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Bonafide Certificate Attestation in Qatar

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    Bonafide Certificate Attestation in Qatar

    The State of Qatar has implemented strict policies on attesting an educational/ a professional certificate.  It has been mandatory for the applicant to submit a bonafide letter which is duly attested by a competent government authority along with the final mark list to get the educational certificate attested. The intention behind this move is to ascertain that no applicant carries a fake document to get a job in Qatar.

    A Bonafide certificate attestation in Qatar that you obtain from your college or university must state that you were a regular student of that institution and to verify the genuinity of the certificate..

    It should specify the following:

    1. Name of university
    2. Institution status (Government or Private)
    3. Institution’s accreditation standard at the time of obtaining the said certificate
    4. Mode of course –  regular student or correspondent
    5. Duration of course
    6. Year of admission and year of passing
    7. Certificate genuinity

    After obtaining such a letter from the college or university in the prescribed format, it has to be submitted for attestation along with the Mark list and Course Certificate.  It has to be verified and certified by all government departments (Notary attestation, State Home Ministry, Central Home Ministry and External Affairs Ministry and Qatar Embassy) before submitting the same for attestation in Qatar by MOFA .

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    Helpline group in Qatar will assist you in getting all your certificates along with Bonafide certificate attestation in Qatar.  We ensure the safety and genuineness of attestation of your documents.  We provide you the best services at competitive price in Qatar.

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