Benefits of
registering a company
in Qatar Financial Center

Are you planning to start a company in Qatar? If so, it’s an excellent choice. Foreign investors can easily start a company in Qatar if you have a good investment plan. Be it partnerships, joint partnerships, and limited partnerships or joint ventures, there are many opportunities for expat entrepreneurs in Qatar. To facilitate the best company formation in Qatar, the government formed the Qatar Investment Authority. This article covers specifics related to business setup.

Registering your company in Qatar will set you back around $15,000 for setup and permission to enter the free zone.

With its own autonomous legal and regulatory framework, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a major global commercial and financial hub. It was created by the Qatar Financial Centre Legislation, which also granted the QFC Authority the authority to create the Rules and Regulations.


Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a leading international financial center located in the heart of Doha, Qatar. It offers great opportunities for businesses to establish and grow in the region. Companies registered in QFC benefit from its world-class infrastructure, regulatory framework, and tax incentives.

The QFC offers a wide range of services to companies looking to set up and expand their business in Qatar. Companies can take advantage of the attractive tax regime, access to global financial markets, and preferential access to government services. Additionally, companies registered with the QFC have access to a wide range of legal services and dispute-resolution mechanisms which can help them manage their business operations effectively.

Registering your company in Qatar Financial Centre will provide you with the opportunity to benefit from all these advantages while helping you grow your business in an efficient manner.

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    Benefits of starting a company in QFC

    Launching a business in Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) offers a range of benefits for entrepreneurs and investors. QFC provides a tax-efficient, business-friendly environment with access to world-class infrastructure and services.

    The QFC Authority is committed to providing the highest level of support for businesses that choose to operate in its jurisdiction. Companies registered in the QFC benefit from 100 percent foreign ownership, no taxes on corporate profits or personal income, and low fees for setting up and operating companies.

    Furthermore, companies based in the QFC have access to an extensive network of double tax treaties with other countries, which can help them reduce their overall tax burden. The QFC also offers a wide range of services such as legal consultation, property management, accounting services, and more. All these benefits make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

    Some of the benefits include:

    1. Onshore jurisdiction – With the help of the QFC, an onshore business and financial center, businesses can operate in Qatar and the surrounding area in accordance with international standards for taxation and law.
    2. 100% Foreign ownership – The QFC allows registered companies to have up to 100% foreign ownership in their Qatari operations.
    3. English Common law – A legal, judicial, and regulatory system with an independent court, regulatory tribunal, and dispute-resolution center based on English common law and international best practice.
    4. Affordable Tax System – No personal income tax, wealth tax, or zakat is levied, and there is a fair and transparent tax system that benefits from the Double Taxation Agreement that Qatar has with more than 80 countries. Corporate taxes are 10% on profits that are derived locally.
    5. 100% repatriation of profits – A tax-free repatriation of returns and profits for shareholders is made possible by the QFC firms’ exemption from withholding tax on payments of dividends, interest, royalties, and management fees made outside of Qatar.
    6. All-in-one place – An efficient and simple licensing, establishment, and support procedure for enterprises in and operating out of Qatar. a committed client relations team to meet your company’s requirements.
    7. Trade in any currency – you can do transactions in any currency.
    Why choose the Qatar Financial Center to register your business?

    The Qatar Financial Centre functions as per its own set of rules and regulations based on English common law. It is neither an offshore center nor a free zone. This suggests that companies registered with Qatar Financial Centre can be located anywhere on the mainland and still enjoy the greatest possible access to both domestic and international markets.

    Organizations legally allowed inside the QFC

    Limited liability companies (LLCs), holding companies, partnerships, and special purpose corporations (SPCs) are just a few of the business entities that the QFC allows. These entities fall under the QFCA’s regulation.

    Limited Liability Company

    The most common type of business entity chosen by investors in Qatar is an LLC. In Qatar, an LLC can be formed with as few as two partners and as many as 50 with at least one Qatari shareholder.

    The foreign partners in this business structure in Qatar have the right to own 49% of the entire shareholding, while the remaining 51% must be owned by the Qatari shareholder. This business structure in Qatar is created as per the 51%-49% agreement.

    However, you can have 100% right of the company’s shares if you register your business with the Qatar Financial Centre.

    Special Purpose Companies

    A Special Purpose Company is a business that is covered by the Companies Rules and that has been registered with the CRO as such. A Special Purpose Company may only be established with the intention of formulating a Transaction as a single transaction or a group of transactions.

    Holding Companies

    A holding company is designed to hold assets for itself or its shareholders as opposed to a special purpose company, which can manage assets as part of a larger transaction. A QFC holding company is only permitted to engage in specific holding activities and is required to have one or more subsidiaries that it oversees.

    Single Family Office

    According to the Single-Family Office Regulations, a Single-Family Office is a body corporate established in the QFC solely for the purpose of providing services to and carrying out activities regarding a Single Family.

    Why choose us?

    If you are looking for registering your company in Qatar, then the Helpline Group can assist you. We can help you all the necessary formalities which includes with licensing services, brand name, recruiting staff, and much more even after starting the business.

    Call us today to start your business at Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). We are available at (974) – 70658000 or (+974) – 44271100.

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