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    Every Company or an organisation has to maintain an audit report for it’s day to day functioning . The audit report helps in number of factors such as

    1. It provides assurance regarding the financial statements
    2. It proves the managerial integrity on behalf of shareholders
    3. It facilitates the easy explanation of audit reports for persons with no financial background
    4. There is a better understanding financial reports with the helps of audits .

    Auditing is basically defined as the inspection of an financial entity or services . Auditing involves the maintainence of records ,documents that are related to the financial aspects and are within the ambits of law.The basic duty of auditing firms is to ensure that the accounts are maintained and it provides an important structure for business. The firms are responsible for monitoring the fairness of financial statements .


    The different types of audit services that are provided as follows
    1)Company Statutory Audit
    2)Taxation Audit
    3)Cost Efficiency Audit
    4) Company Financial Audit
    5)Internal Audit


    This is the report that is conducted in order to measure the financial status as well as it helps them to track of the financial activities that takes place in the organisation.


    It basically refers to the research as well as collection of data related to background information of the country . The corporate governance is based on different monitoring facts such as
    (i)Company Shareholders
    (ii)Management Employees
    (iv)Government Financiers


    This is the question that always arises in the mind of the clients. Helpline Group with it’s experienced staff and professionals has provided one of the best auditing services to the clients .The professionals are highly knowlegable with the laws in Qatar and helps the clients in the entire process .They have played a highly important role in the setting up of businesses in Qatar and have helped them to flourish .The auditing services has helped them to regulate financial affairs in the company and helped the firms to plan their activities in an organised as well as synchronised manner.


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