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Helpline Group is an international organization endorsing documentation assessments for candidates aspiring to study or work in Canada and USA.  We provide distinguished services related to Certificate Verification, Endorsement, and Attestation etc… from across GCC, UK, USA, Austria and Canada assist national and international students, immigrants or job seekers to fulfill their educational and professional goals.


The 20 years of long standing service of Helpline Group have set a standard in the field, providing credential, plausible services and ongoing support to international students and professional immigrants.  We assist them to get the University Verification for the World Education Services (WES) from different Universities of India, GCC, USA, UK, Australia etc.


World Education Services (WES) and Credential Evaluation


A credential evaluation is the assessment of your academic accomplishments to the standards in the U.S or Canada, which helps employers or competent authority to understand your educational background.

Getting WES verification done from the Universities is a herculean task, especially if the candidate is from a far away locale.  Either the candidate or a delegate authorized by the candidate has to produce all the required documents in person and submit the request for WES.  It is a phenomenal task that requires a lot of time and energy.  Moreover, handing over your documents to an unknown person would risk the safety of your documents.


We streamline it for you


At helpline, we verify and evaluate your certificates, identify and describe your credentials and we submit your documents for WES verification.

A conclusive data with the latest updates about the WES Verification process, protocol and University requirements enables our clients to get their credential evaluation of certificates done within the designated time.  At helpline we provide a hassle-free, fast and secure service to our clients. We stand as a mediator between the candidate and the university and keep you posted with updates.

We simplify the entire process for you at the helpline.  Visit any of our branches to get WES verification of certificates done and submit the required documents as per the norms of WES.


Required Documents





Upon the submission of the documents and applicable fees, the experts in the field from helpline will prepare a detailed application and submit to the desired university of the applicant for verification of your certificates.  Once the Verification Report is handed over by the university, it must be sent to the WES office for further procedures, if it is not directly sent by the university to WES office.  Though the time- period for the entire process varies at different universities, normally it takes 15- 40 working days at the maximum to complete the entire process.

Helpline is a committed professional international agency with an excellent service record providing fast and secure service.  At Helpline, we guarantee our expertise to build your dream.


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                 Qatar attestation telephone number



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