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Trademark  Registration In Qatar


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Let us begin with understanding what is a trademark? A trademark can be defined as an intangible asset whose value increases as the consumer demand for the trademarked product increases. The importance of trademark is held in the exclusivity provided by it to a given product. Companies get the trademark registered for a product in order to be able to enjoy exclusive rights to sell it and have it identified and differentiated from other goods. A product or service with a trademark is perceived as more reliable and easy to advertise, promote or be marketed.

Let us further move on to understanding the process of trademark registration in Qatar. The product registration in Qatar can be simply done by submitting an application along with the company extract to the the Intellectual Property Department – Trademark Office at the Ministry of Economy. However, in case of a foreign company, the company extract needs to be certified.

The trademark registration holds a validity of  10 years which is further renewable.

Just like product registration and trademark registration, you also need get your company registered if you plan to open a new company in Qatar. Company registration Qatar is mainly done to get a legal authentication for the company under the Commercial Companies Law (CCL, 11/2015). A strict procedure needs to be adhered to in order to get through the company formation Qatar. Since, the companies are registered under the commercial law, they fall in the category of commercial registration. Once the CR validity expires, the registered companies need to undergo a process of CR renewal Qatar.

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Call Us Now @ +974 777 111 29 | Tel : (+974) – 44271100 / 44351974

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