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Saudi police clearance certificate come necessary for the expatriates who are planning to migrate other countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA, New Zealand etc. Police clearance certificate from Saudi is states that you are free from all criminal record. You should take a police clearance certificate from Saudi Arabia, when you are planning for final exit in KSA.


What are the Procedures to get police clearance certificate from Saudi Arabia

  1. The applicant should contact respective country embassy in Saudi Arabia for applying Endorsement letter. The application should go with Iqama copy and fee. It will take time for one or two weeks.
  2. After getting Endorsement from your Embassy visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get attestation in your letter. You will also get a form along with that. You should also submit Iqama and Passport with Endorsement letter.
  3. You will get attestation from MOFA, and then enroll your fingerprints to Ministry of Interior system.
  4. Then approach to police station for police clearance certificate from Saudi. You have to keep attested endorsement letter, Iqama and passport copies. You have to go with company representatives

List of police station as below;

  • Riyadh- Deerah police office close to court
  • Jeddah, the police office located behind Islamic Development Bank
  • Dammam police office found opposite to governor house

5. The police officer will give you an expected dated to collect your police clearance certificate from   Saudi. You can go to the police station on that date, to collect your police clearance certificate. After that you can translate to English for future purpose.


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