Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Salary certificate or Income certificate is an official document issued in the name of an employee upon his / her request by an office head.  A valid purpose / reason for issuing such a document must be mentioned in the certificate.  It is the most important document to be submitted to apply for a loan.  Usually its validity may remain for one year or less.  A valid Salary Certificate includes all necessary data such as basic salary, other allowances, deductions (if any), net salary etc…

To validate your Salary Certificate, it has to be attested by various government agencies which is a long and time consuming process.

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Salary Certificate attestation Procedure to apply for a Bank Loan Or Other purposes.

*  Documents needed for attestation

  • Obtain the salary certificate from your company.  It must be printed in the prescribed format by the Qatar Labour Department in two languages English and Arabic.(Left side English and Right side Arabic)
  • A computer card and CR copy of the the company or the certificate of authority of the signed person is mandatory.
  • Bank statement – preferably for the last six month’s bank statement
  • A copy of valid passport and Qatar ID of the applicant

* Attestation by Different Government Departments

Along with all other documents you need to submit your Salary certificate in the following government departments to be duly attested.

      • Chamber of Commerce
      • Ministry of foreign affairs in Qatar.
  • And finally it must be attested by the Indian Embassy

A Salary certificate attested by all these government agencies is a valid document to be submitted to a bank or any other financial agencies to apply for a loan.

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