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Certificate attestation used to go  with many terms like Mark list Attestation in Qatar, Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Experience Certificate Attestation, Transfer Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Death Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Divorce Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Medical Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Transcript Certificate Attestation in Qatar, Bona – Fide Certificate Attestation in Qatar ,Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in Qatar, etc. All these attestation procedure depend on the requirement of your types of visa that you are looking for your migration at different purpose. Let us discuss about Private Diploma Certificate Attestation.

What is Diploma Certificate Attestation?

It is the process of authentication of your private diploma certificates or open university certificates , through the different level of certificate attestation process as Norkka attestation, HRD Attestaion, MEA attestaion and Embassy attestation. Diploma certificates may not be a degree certificates which is provided according to the specific duration of time.

Do you know about Norkka attestation process?

Anyhow, we can find the work flow of Norkka attestation process. It is also known as the notary attestation of your private Diploma Certificates. It is the first and primary step in the process of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation Qatar or open university certificate attestation Qatar . It is done by the local authorities or district authorities. After this attestation, comes next level of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation which is related to state level authorities.

Now, discuss about HRD attestation.

Yes, it is the third level of attestation process in Private Diploma Certificate Attestation Qatar or Open University Certificate attestation Qatar. Human Resource Department of the state cross checks your certificates. They verify with the issued authorities. The state department will do a proper check with them and provide attestation. You should cross check the authentication of the educational institute before joining Diploma course. If your certificates are not issued by an unauthorized agency, you will be in trouble with your carrier. You will stop with your diploma certificates. This is an important point in the process of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation. So many people had disappointed with such type of certificates. So beware about the genuine of Diploma certificates.

The Next Level Attestation: MEA Attestation

This is the third level of attestation process of   Private Diploma Certificate Attestation. HRD attested documents will crosscheck by Ministry of external Affairs. They will do the authentication for next level attestation process is known as the embassy attestation. The MEA authorities confirm the originality of your open university certificate or Private Diploma Certificates to meet the final level of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation Qatar or Open University certificate attestation Qatar.

Embassy Attestation

It is the final level attestation process in Private Diploma Certificate Attestation. The respective countries Embassy will do the through verification of your Private Diploma Certificates or Open University certificates attestation in Qatar. The final and important level of attestation allows you to secure your life. You have to meet all the attestation process of your home country to get Embassy Attestation. It is according to the law of the company Embassy attestation comes in the picture.

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