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Police Clearance certificate from Thailand is good conduct certificate issued by the Royal Thai Police in Thailand to an applicant who was a resident of Thailand with a valid visa (student visa, work visa or visit visa).  It is valid document detailing the status of the criminal record ( criminal record check thailand ) of the applicant if he/ she has involved in any criminal activity that has led to the involvement of the Thai Royal Police.

Required Documents

  • The completed application form
  • A photocopy of the valid Thai Visa
  • Two self attested copies of passport
  • Document stating that the applicant is used to reside or work in Thailand
  • A copy of Thai work permitting card
  • Letter explaining the purpose of the request (Name of the country to which the applicant wishes to go should be mentioned)
  • Two passport size photos
  • Two sets of original finger print issued by the local police together with the official seal and signature of the official taking the finger print
  • Applicable fees


The completed application form for getting Thai police clearance must be submitted to the Royal Thai Police Department in Thailand along with the two full set of fingerprint impressions and all other valid documents. Police Clearance Certificate Thailand  will be usually take time to issue the documents . In case the applicant hasn’t produced all valid documents or has involved in any criminal activities or posed any threat to the security and peace of the nation, it may take more time to get the certificate.

Visit any branches of the Helpline Group and get ensured the acknowledgement of the police certificate Thailand .  A team of professional working across the globe will help you throughout the process beginning with the completion of the application form till you receive your police Clearance certificate from Thailand .  We believe in the satisfaction of our clients and we ensure that you receive the best service in the field.


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