Police Clearance Certificate in CANADA

Police Clearance Certificate in Canada is known as Criminal Record Check.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a federal and national police force of Canada, is the competitive official authority in Canada to issue Criminal Record Check.  A complete application form along with the required documents must be submitted to RCMP to obtain Criminal Record Check from Canada (PCC from RCMP).  In case you are advised to produce the copy of fingerprints by the visa office, you need to approach CCRTIS with all the details to obtain the certificate.

Required Documents

A full set of Fingerprints with rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers including all the details of the applicant as well as the police agency taking fingerprints.

A complete application form

Purpose of your request

Personal Information –

Identification Documents to support the application form

Applicable Fees


Electronically processed fingerprints must be submitted to CCRTIS – a division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Paper submission of fingerprints will not be processed by CCRTIS and will be returned to the applicant.  A complete rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers taken in black ink with the full name, date of birth and sex of the applicant and name and address of the police agency and the signature of the official taking fingerprints etc must be enclosed with the submission of your finger print.

Helpline Group can help you get your fingerprints converted from paper to encrypted digital format for electronic submission.  

At every step forward we direct and keep you updated with all the necessary information.  A team of highly professionals at Helpline Group verifies each and every document before the final submission to avoid any sort hassles in future.

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