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The police department of Oman issue police clearance certificate for resident people or non- resident people. Let find the procedure for both request.

Local Requests

Local request is done by the person directly. You have to fill the application form with accurately. Passport copy or identity card, two photographs (4×4) with a blue background are the required things to apply police clearance certificate from Oman for local requests. There will be fees to get PCC from Oman. If you are not an Omani citizen, you must also submit an authorization letter from your Omani sponsor and fingerprints. 

Non-Resident Requests

This is another type of request for police clearance certificate from Oman. Currently, if you are not living in Oman, return to submit application for the Police Clearance Certificate from Oman in personally. Otherwise you can authorize a representative on behalf for submitting application for police clearance certificate from Oman. The following are the procedure to get PCC from Oman

  1. Send your request by mail.
  2. Submit documents like a copy of your passport with the pages containing previous residence stamps for the duration you stayed in Oman.
  3. If it is new passport there should be photocopy of the pages showing bio-data information, and the issue date and expiry. And also two copy of passport size photographs with blue black back ground.

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