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Notary Attestation QatarAre You looking for Notary Attestation in Qatar ?


Getting a certificate notarized makes it a legally valid authenticated document. And it is an important milestone to get your immigration process cleared before moving to any foreign country. Helpline Group will assist you get your certificates attested in Qatar.  


Each country follows different rules for notarizing a certificate.


Notarizing your certificate is a powerful risk management tool to prevent fraud and identity theft.  It is the next level of verification that states the authenticity of the people signing in the document.


A certificate whether it is an educational or commercial document that is notarized is considered to be a self- authenticated legal document.  


Certificate attestation in Qatar has undergone a drastic change recently.  A bonafide letter from the University or institute is a mandatory document to be submitted for attesting an educational document. It has made the process even more complicated.  The intention behind the move was highly appreciated as it aimed at curbing fraud certificates that one may carry to obtain a job.


We are an authorized agency by many embassies and various government departments.  We provide services in the entire gulf region.


We do Notary services from India for Educational, Marriage, Birth, Experience, School Transfer certificates, Company documents, and Export Import documents.  


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