Mark List Attestation in Qatar

 Mark list attestation Qatar

Mark List Attestation Qatar


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Attestation of the Degree / PG Mark list or Certificate is a primary step for getting employment visa in any foreign country.  Firstly the original certificate must be attested from the country from where the certificate is issued and later from the country where one applies for a job.  This process validates the authenticity and genuineness of the certificate.

A government in a foreign country verifies all educational certificates to determine the genuineness and authenticity of the certificate.  All such certificates or Mark list Attestation in Qatar must be duly signed or attested by a competitive authority from the country where the certificate is issued.

It is mandatory to get your educational certificates attested to apply for a job or for any sort of employment purposes in a foreign country or to pursue a higher degree or a professional course abroad.

Various government departments verify and approve before attesting a document.  The attestation process starts from the state level home department and thereafter the certificate will be again verified by the central home ministry and external affairs ministry before attesting the certificate.  Once it has been verified and attested by various government departments of the country from where the certificate is issued, it will forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs of the country in which one has applied for a job or to do a course.


Mark List Attestation in Qatar

All those who want to get your Mark lists and Certificate attested for higher studies, Employment purpose etc in Qatar should produce the original Mark list and an application stating the purpose of attestation along with the Certificate to be attested.  A bona-fide letter from the college which is also duly attested by competitive authority must also be submitted.

A nominal fee will be charged for the verification of Qualifying Certificate/Mark list.

Helpline Group with its long years of experience in the field of attestation services in Qatar can assist you in all your mark list attestation in Qatar needs.  We ensure genuine and authentic attestation for all kinds of certificate attestation in Qatar . Just give us a call or drop us a mail and we will get back to you.


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