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Are you wondering, where to apply for a Chinese visa in Qatar? We – the Helpline Group is there to assist you in making your journey memorable. China – the most famed kingdom in East Asia, it is well known regionally for its landscape embracing vast grassland, silent desert, robust mountains, beautiful lakes and mercurial rivers. Including natural beauty, China is blessed with many more things to be enjoyed by tourists comprising historical places, monuments, food, festivals and several other things. Helpline Group can help you in fulfilling your dream to see China; we can enhance your experience of visiting China by assisting you in getting Chinese tourist visa – the most significant thing for making a valid entry. Without a valid China tourist visa, you cannot fulfill your dream to enter China neither for recreational purpose nor for business purpose. We – the Helpline Group, are a well- known agency providing China tourist visa service in different region of the world. Our expert team can assist you in getting China tourist visa from Qatar without any problem. We have been serving the society from 1998, since then we have worked with different clients from different corners of the world, asking for assistance in getting business and tourism visa.


Helpline Group – “team of Leading visa experts”, we are a group of expert consultants working in this field at international level for years. We have well profound knowledge about all the aspects related to visa formalities, be it general or legal aspect, we know everything related to Chinese tourist visa requirements. What are the required documents, how to present those documents, formalities to be accomplished while submitting them and where to submit those documents to get a visa. We have expertise in guiding, assisting and applying for visa in different countries in different language. If the required documents for Chinese tourist visa are in different language like Arabic or Hindi or French, we can translate them in the required language. Whether it is an application for a Chinese business visa or Chinese tourist visa, we can help you in both the ways. As a visa expert, we know about all the required documents to satisfy the legal requirements set up by the government.


By working with us, you will get required assistance at every level, which will keep you free to plan your trip. Our consultants will manage and look after all the required documents to make your visa application process smooth. We are proud to tell you that we have ‘world’s best experts’ in our team, who continuously monitors every single detail and keep their eyes on even a minute change made in the immigration laws to serve you with the best available option. Fulfilling Chinese visa requirements is not an easy task, as Chinese government is highly concerned, even about minute details of the applicant, a single mistake in visa application form can become a reason for ineligibility or rejection of the visa application. Therefore, you need a professional visa expert like us.


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