Bahrain Police Clearance Certificate

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A Police Clearance Certificate Bahrain is issued in Bahrain by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), State of Bahrain.  It certifies that the applicant has not involved in any kind of criminal activity(Criminal Background Check Bahrain) in the State of Bahrain and Bahrain police has not registered any case against the applicant.  It is a mandatory official document required for immigration purposes, if a person wishes to migrate to any other foreign country.
Documents Required

  1. Police clearance application form
  2. 2 passport-sized photographs with blue backgrounds.
  3. A copy of passport (old & new)
  4. A copy of Bahraini resident permit.
  5. A signed letter stating your reason for requesting police clearance, mentioning the amount of time spent working in Bahrain must be attached along with the application.
  6. Applicable Fees. 

Procedure for Bahrain Police Clearance Certificate

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