Helpline Group can provide apostille services from Qatar, India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc… for the use in foreign countries on behalf of you.

The apostille Procedure

All documents requires Notary and state department/concerned authorities attestation where the document has been issued. Our services can be used for getting apostille services in Qatar for official purposes outside of the country, which country should be the member of Hague Convention of October 5,1961,abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents.

Apostille is acceptable in 94 member countries of the convention and is issued for personal documents like birth, death, marriage certificates, affidavits, power of attorney etc… and educational documents like Master degree, Degree, diploma, matriculation or secondary level certificates and commercial documents are included.

Member Countries of Hague Convention


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Albania Czech Republic Korea San Marino
Andorra Denmark Latvia Salvador
Antigua Dominica Lithuania Sa
Argentina Ecuador Luxembourg Saint Lucia
Armenia El Salvador Malta Liberia Saint Vince
Australia Saint Lucia Estonia Malawi Slovakia
Azerbaijan Fiji Monaco Slovenia
Austria Finland Montenegro Spain
Barbados France Marshall islands Suriname
Bahamas Germany Mauritius Sweden
Belarus Greece Namibia Swaziland
Belgium Grenada Netherlands Switzerland
Belize Georgia New Zealand Seychelles
Bosnia Honduras Norway Yugoslav Republic
Bulgaria Hungary Serbia Turkey
Botswana Iceland South Africa Northern Ireland
Brunei India Poland United Kingdom
China Ireland Panama Ukraine
Islands Israel Portugal Venezuela
Colombia Italy Romania United State of America
Croatia Japan Russian Federation flash
Cyprus Kazakhstan Dominica Oman

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